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    Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 15.3.2019
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    What's new in the world of augmented reality? The importance of 5G for AR, the AR war between tech giants continue as well as a new Pokemon Go craze on the horizon is this week in AR.

    Harry Potter bring the next Pokemon GO craze

    The new location based game based on the world of J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter from Niantic, the same creators of Pokemon Go, is to be released sometime later this year, a group of reporters have tried out the first demo.


    The game will feature both old and new characters and storylines. Players will engage in collecting artefacts and saving characters in bad situations, but also learning spells, earning experience points and levelling up. Not as easy and straight forward as Pokemon Go, but will surely appeal to anyone waiting to discover a magical world right in the reality we live in.

    5G will be the virtual game changer

    We are not far from a virtual revolution. In fact, it is happening already, but there are many hurdles to overcome before that being happen. The biggest is the issue of computing. We have already mentioned before the evolution of the AR cloud, to have the virtual information stored and available at the fingertips of each and every consumer.

    But right now, slow upload speeds and connection problems do not make for optimal virtual immersion. All of which is improving, but the real game changer could be the 5G. Hyper speed fast internet connection will render high-quality AR and VR content as well as cloud-connected headsets, one day the virtual overlaying the real just might become our norm.


    Experience the Big Bang in AR

    The Big Bang app, just released this week, takes you back 13.8 billion years before literally anything existed. With the help of augmented reality, space, time and the universe as we know it unfolds in the palm of your hand with actress Tilda Swinton narrating the formation of stars, our solar system and Earth itself.

    When you open the app, you hold out your hand in front of your phone to start the Big Bang, trigger supernovas and create hydrogen and helium atoms, putting the stars and planets in your room. Pinch the screen to examine corners of the universe more closely or pause at any time. You can also move your phone around for a 360-degree view of space.

    The Android app is big, so it might be wise to download it on Wi-Fi, but so was the Big Bang, so go figure.

    AR tech war ahead

    Microsoft released Hololens 2, giving us a taste of the future of computing.

    Apple, with it’s latest releases of the new Iphone as well as iOS 11, has the opportunity to make AR mainstream, and developers will gravitate to Apple platform to reach the masses.

    Developers have already worked with VR with Oculus, not making any money yet Apple could potentially touch millions of consumers and businesses. Android will surely respond in some way, but Apple has the whole package, for now.


    Apple may hit the masses with AR through their Iphone, but Microsoft has a strong hold on AR headsets which will continue to be implemented in manufacture, training and other situations that require handsfree interaction and Google has it’s AR navigation that is already something else. All the tech giants will find their own place in the world of AR, but the race is still on to hit the masses first.

    Hope you enjoyed this share, feel free to share your thoughts below, both on the new information you are currently processing or on our blog in general!

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