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Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 12.4.2019
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What is happening in the world of AR? Google seems to be joining the AR glass race, Apple expanding their AR team and amazing hand tracking in MR with Hololens 2!

Google might release AR headset 

A patent filed by Google hints at yet a tech giant joining the race to AR riches. With Google Glass AR glasses failing to hit extensive consumer reach, their new patent specifically suggests a device that will superimpose computer-generated content over real-world objects. More than this the patent does not reveal. Will this be Apple’s big rival, with Google pairing their headsets to Pixel phones? It might also be game related, Google having announced the launch of their new game streaming platform Stadia? Another announcement, another wait, an eventful year ahead indeed!



High precision hand interaction in MR

With the rise of MR and AR, interacting with the digital is continually taking steps closer to the natural, here with Hololens 2 new MR toolkit. A powerful update gives the user a, by the look of it, a seamless way of interacting with digital content. The system tracks up to 25 joints in the human hand giving the system accurate high precision movement readings, all by tracking your very own hands in front of you.


Bose shows off Audio AR games

Bose released their Audio AR glasses just about a year ago. The glasses have sensors that detect your movements and can send you audio coming from either direction all while connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. In connection with their launch, they set up a $50 million fund to encourage developers to make apps for the glasses. With a set of Audio AR games now released, it challenges the concept of mobile games, when players only concentrate on their hearing to participate in the games. Audio AR being on the edge of hitting big alongside other emerging AR tech, we encourage you to watch this space.



Apple expands AR team

Another show of how Apple is investing in immersive technology comes with the hiring one of Jaunt’s founders Arthur van Hoff. Jaunt is a company using AI and machine learning for volumetric capturing of people and they originally developed a camera for VR captures as well as an accompanying VR content platform. Apple has the past few years hired many previous Jaunt engineers, so may this hint at another capability of the Apple glasses we are not aware of or is it merely Apple expanding its AR empire? We wait, and we see.



Teaching kids health ed in AR

Immersive technology is getting young children interested and engaged in all fields of study, here with an app immersing kids into learning about their health and having a healthy lifestyle. The app helps you learn with a character which you personalise learning about health in a game-like environment, aiming to decrease the growing childhood obesity epidemic.


Hope you enjoyed this share, feel free to share your thoughts below, both on the new information you are currently processing or on our blog in general!


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