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Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 3.5.2019
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This week quite the consumer edition of what's new in AR with Google wanting to make Youtube's How To videos augmented, AI driven shopping experiences in AR and multiplayer AR games hitting smartphones!


Google augments How To videos on Youtube

Many people come to Youtube for how to videos many of them drawing and now Google’s Creative Lab has developed a way to turn education art videos on Youtube into virtual tracing paper using AR in an experiment called “Drawalong AR”. With the app you pull the video from Youtube, place videos down on a flat surface or your paper in front of you, add some transparency and voila, you are able to follow along your drawing tutorial down the dot placement. With this project, Google wants to inspire developers to explore the possibilities of AR and learning and finding ways to improve and develop this experiment.



Going shopping with the help of AI

With Nextech’s Try-It-ON online retail AR platform, AI is learning to do what humans can do in retail - read you in order to facilitate you making a purchase, just like an in-store employee would see you try something on and suggest options or give you hints on what else is available. Using only your smartphone, you can now start tailoring your online shopping with AI reading your micro facial expressions and guiding you to the right product. Might sound creepy, but all the experience is customisable, letting the consumer also turn down certain prompts or sentiments to meet their needs. Future of shopping is nigh.





Multiplayer AR games now on smartphones

An app called Krikey, known for a range of AR mini-games, has launched a multi-player function, becoming one of the first to do so. Even though we are familiar with games like Pokemon Go where many players play the game simultaneously, playing with other players in real-time was something we only saw first hints of end of last year from Magic Leap. Now the multi-player function is hitting smartphones, Krikey launching a two-player tennis game to be played over a table. Are we with this hitting the beginning of the end of an era for board games as we know it? Might be, but adding the multi-player feature to AR adds another great level of engagement.


Using AR to get kids into robotics

A Swiss startup RosieReality developing consumer AR experiences, has raised $2.2 million in seed funding for use in getting kids interested in programming and robotics with AR. Their smartphone app lets kids solv and build world-size 3D puzzles using programming, led by “Rosie” a cute AR robot that inhabits the AR world and with the kids help can move around the world. Programming already having been proven to easily be taught in an AR setting by visualising the code, this app targets even the youngest to get them building and learning.



Hope you enjoyed this share, feel free to share your thoughts below, both on the new information you are currently processing or on our blog in general!


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