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Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 10.5.2019
Frida Gullichsen
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So what's new in augmented reality? Rebuilding the ancient world in augmented reality as well as AR helping solve problems in industries like construction and surveying by overlaying information for both customer and training purposes, wow!

 Rebuilding the ancient world in AR

The archaeological field has started to value the true benefit of virtual archaeological replications. By using drones, digital photography, photogrammetry and three-dimensional imaging with a few dozen iPhone pictures, archaeologists can construct photogrammetric models of excavations, removing hours of work required when creating a model from illustration methods. This technology also applies to game developers building games in ancient settings. Making lifelike interactive models with gameplay modes that allow players to explore the virtual environment and learn more about the real history and archaeology their games are based on.

“Archaeologists must be public storytellers, and by utilizing existing video game technologies such as the Unreal engine or Unity, we can meet the digital audience halfway.”



High-tech solutions to simple problems in MR

Virtual technology is reshaping industries like construction, agriculture, surveying and oil and gas. A company called Trimble is using Microsoft’s Hololens 2 technology to combine the real world with design plans from a computer. This will make less room for error and can build buildings go up faster and under-budget. Plumbers, electricians and other contractors will be able to see others’ work and visualise changes.



AR reducing skill gap in industrial sector

As industries grow and advance, so does the skill gap between older and newer workers. In industries like service and manufacturing, products, machines and other devices are continuously changing and might require a higher level of service expertise and skills in maintenance, operation, assembly and field servicing. With AR workers can have access to product info and diagrams or videos how to operate machines, they can access remote assistance when posed with problems as well as learning work procedures, safety precautions and other instructions with AR overlays. AR enables low-cost training that keeps all workers on the same level.



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