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    Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 4.6.2019
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    The latest of late in the world of augmented reality features the launch of the latest Mixed Reality headset from Microsoft, a drawing device from Logitech makes art in VR more natural and an advance set to change the way we use and interact with AR in large spaces. This among more in this week in AR news!


    Microsoft MR headset launch

    Microsoft has several budget-friendly alternatives for VR, the latest being the HP Reverb, which is by far the most impressive Windows Mixed Reality headset. Visual clarity, along with a comfortable design makes for an ergonomic design that keeps you captivated for longer. It doesn’t come cheap at $599, but it is still less expensive than HTC Vive Pro and has a better visual experience.


    Drawing in VR with new stylus

    Up until now, drawing in virtual reality was clunky and unnatural, using a hand controller that resembles nothing a tool an actual artist would be accustomed to. Logitech has launched a device aiming to change this. The device is called Logitech VR Ink Pilot Edition is the closest VR accessories have gotten to a pen as of yet. A futuristic stylus, held like a normal pen, can be used to draw both in 3D space as well as drawing on surface and also reacts to pressure on the tip which creates varying degrees of thickness in the drawing line. Although there is no price or firm launch date for the device, this gives a hint at VR slowly expanding beyond being tech-centric.



    US biggest AR exhibition

    Virtual art is steadily growing and AR has been the perfect vessel to transport art to places it might not usually visit as well as giving artists a way of blending the real and the virtual. In Bostons Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, a sightful strip of land running through Boston neighbourhoods has gotten just that by becoming a virtual art gallery and the largest AR exhibition in the US. Augmented reality works are hidden along the way and explore the past, present and future of each location. The 2,5 km long exhibit hides 16 installations and will be available for the next 6 months.



    Haptics company acquires hand-tracking system startup

    Haptics company UltraHaptics have acquired hand-tracking system startup Leap Motion. Although sold for a fraction of its value at its height in 2013, the two companies are predicted to blend well together, UltraHaptics using ultrasounds to create the feeling of touch while interacting with virtual tech and Leap Motion’s gesture controller could provide tactile feedback to UltraHaptics existing tech, making it more applicable and versatile to different headsets and apps.



    Large space AR made easy

    Finnish startup Immersal has launched its AR cloud SDK at AWE USA. The anticipated SDK facilitates fast, accurate and smartphone battery friendly 3D scanning of spaces as well as visual positioning, no visual markers or Bluetooth beacons necessary. The launch will soon enough prove large-space AR is both easy and fast, opening up navigation and virtual layering for any big space holding events, trade shows, shopping malls and the likes.



    Hope you enjoyed this share, feel free to share your thoughts below, both on the new information you are currently processing or on our blog in general!


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