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Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 26.10.2018
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What is new in the ever-evolving and progressing world of AR? This week in AR features big announcements when it comes to the future of smart cars, AR VR experiences and collaborative work. We also finally see the first AR glasses that look like something to be worn in everyday life.


AR collaboration platform

The future of collaborative work is about to start with Spatial’s immersive workspace. The workspace app, accessible from AR or VR headsets as well as PCs and phones, turns any room to a collaborative, multi-user space with tools to help people work together remotely. Pixels become tactile and let’s you manipulate them in an infinite collaboration canvas of documents, photos or even 3D models.


Next generation AR glasses

North is launching its first product called “Focals”, intended to be the first pair of everyday smart glasses. The glasses work through retinal projection, meaning the image they display shines on the back of your retina, which leaves everything in focus. At $999, they might sound pricey but looks to be one of the first unobtrusive AR wearable solutions. Still cheaper than most AR headsets out there, and visually a lot less Sci-Fi.



Full haptic body suit

The future of VR is here, the Teslasuit, a suit designed as a cybernetic second skin. It can provide haptic feedback, motion capture, heat control and biometric systems for AR and VR experiences. Although contrary to VRs often game-centered future, the suit has not been designed for gaming experiences but for different kinds of training, giving feedback for memory retention, the biometrics allow monitoring of the user’s emotional state, providing stress level management and adaptive training content.



Facebook AR glasses

It may come as a surprise for no one that Facebook is investing in the AR scene, here with an announcement of the building of AR hardware products. With all the tech giants working on or investing in AR glasses, exciting times ahead to see the race to the finish line and see who will be the one to capture the masses.



Distracted drivers kept alert with AI vision

Keeping an eye on the road when tired or distracted accounts for many accidents every year. Israel-based Eyesight has developed an “AI vision” system for cars, claiming to detect when a driver loses concentration by using advanced facial processing, tracking gaze direction, pupil dilation and more. Eyesight having picked up 15 million in growth funding and already partnering with two major car manufacturers, the technology is said to be incorporated in at least four car models by 2020.



Hope you enjoyed this share, feel free to share your thoughts below, both on the new information you are currently processing or on our blog in general!


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