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Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 9.11.2018
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What is new in the ever-evolving and progressing world of AR? Among other, this week features advances in AR and in VR, bringing the virtual and the real a few steps closer by both touch and smell.


Virtual sense of smell

Of all the senses we have seen technology enhance or even replace, smell was one thought hard to replicate. Well now a technique has been demonstrated allowing smells to be transferred or sensed over the internet. This could let you literally smell any game or virtual world you are placed in, sent to you as a file just like auditory and visual information today. For now it works by placing rods with electrodes on the end up your nostrils, so not quite consumer friendly just yet.  A step in the right direction of something hopefully less invasive.



Blockchain used to restrict AR games from real world environments

During the Pokemon craze, there were many incidents of trespassing or gamers putting themselves in direct danger. With similar and other AR games ahead, a patent filed by IBM installs the trust needed for AR apps when users visit real-world locations. This solution is first of all made to deter gamers from intruding locations like private property, culturally sensitive location or areas with high levels of crime, but also showing safe areas, where gamers are less likely to be targeted by other users with malicious intent.



AR/VR lab opening in New York

A huge center for AR/VR development will open 2019 in New York. The center will support startups, research and innovation and create around 750 industry jobs. It will also be home to an early-stage fund, supporting companies accepted into an accelerator program. All this fuelled by a might investment of 5.6 million dollar by NYCEDC and MOME.



Haptic drones add realism to virtual settings

Another step closer to making the virtual world more lifelike comes with these specially-designed drones. They are outfitted with unique touchable surfaces and track a users position to provide real-time haptics to virtual objects, meaning they float around or towards a user along with the virtual objects they see, encounter or interact with. Although still nothing close to the real thing, they can  further immerse players into the virtual worlds they interact with.



AR makes street art come to life

An animated art gallery brought to the street with works by seventh-semester Illustration students at FIT in New York. The works were chalk murals painted on the street and when viewed through augmented reality app Arilyn, each and every mural came to life. The works represented themes from autism to gender spectrum.



Hope you enjoyed this share, feel free to share your thoughts below, both on the new information you are currently processing or on our blog in general!


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