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    Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 2.12.2019
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    The latest in immersive news bring us collabs between giants Magic Leap and Spotify, as well as Snap and Verizon, along with mind blowing haptic skin and an app for anxiety.

    Augmented reality treating anxiety

    Immersive technology has many cases of fostering empathy or different kinds of emotional reactions, the latest tackles calming these emotional reactions down by removing anxiety.

    An app called Helium AR blends storytelling, neuroscience and game design in the format of guided meditation. The app connects to a user’s Apple Watch, transmitting the heartbeat, and as deeper breaths are taken and the heart rate slows down, a solar system of planets illuminate in front of the user.

    Anxiety AR app Healium

    Holographic arcade machine

    The future of tabletop gaming gets another boost with this 3D volumetric multi-user arcade machine.

    Australian startup Voxon has developed a retro-futuristic arcade machine that features a 3D volumetric display, 4 in-board controllers and custom made games with a 360-degree viewing experience.

    The holographic display is made of images that are 3D printed slices of light stacked in layers, similar to brick building layers in games like Minecraft. The layers then form the full 3D images and animations with no extra accessories needed to view them.


    Haptic skin for long-distance hugs


    The latest in haptic news brings us a soft skin made from silicone, meant to let the wearer feel objects in virtual reality.

    The skin has been developed by researchers from NorthWestern Uni in the US and Hong Kong Polytechnic University. It incorporates a chip, sensors and actuators letting you feel mechanical vibrations through the skin.

    The touch on the skin is felt by tapping areas on a touch screen. The skin is intended to let people communicate physically from a distance, eg. holding your child or your partner while on video call with them.

    For now, it could be applied to MR gaming or in the medical field. Not the first haptic skin developed and with the immersive field expanding to all senses, it surely won’t be the last.

    Snap and Verizon join forces for 5G AR advertising

    Latest in partnerships comes with Snap and Verizon joining forces in the name of 5G. They will work together on AR initiatives allowing users and advertisers to overlay digital objects on top of the real world.

    Right now Snapchat features lenses with real-life locations or portals, letting the user walk into other environments. The partnership would help making similar AR effects more widespread as well as including ways for consumers to experience live events through the app. Verizon will also preload Snapchat on select 5G phones.

    Snapchat Verizon 5G AR advertising

    Spotify playlist for every room with Magic Leap

    Spotify and Magic Leap have joined forces to give users the chance to modify their playlist per room, the music changing as you walk from one space another.

    Spotify has released a version of its music streaming app on Magic Leap’s headset and it will show a location-aware three-dimensional Spotify interface on top of the room dimensions, letting you automatically change playlists are you move between rooms. The Magic Leap headset has small built-in speakers, but you can also connect your own.

    Spotify Magic Leap playlist per room

    Hope you enjoyed this share, feel free to share your thoughts below, both on the new information you are currently processing or on our blog in general!

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