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Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 23.11.2018
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What has AR helped make easier this week? Landscaping is one, learning to read is another as well as Election Day results! What else? Read on for the latest in the ever-evolving and progressing world of AR.


Learning to read easy like AR

A new storytelling app, developed by start-up Within, helps transform the real world into an adventure that children can actively participate in, all while teaching them to read. The story unfolds in front of them, pulling them into an adventure they can interact with,  stimulating their imagination by participating and reading and learning as it goes along.


Augmented landscaping

This app is one of many helping make your smartphone as indispensable as gloves and a shovel as you work on your gardens, this one using augmented reality. Iscape lets users create a virtual landscaping design in their own garden that includes shrubbery and trees, different gravel or dirt. You can outline your garden beds or play around with new elements and the app also has the ability to control the time of the day lighting to see how final work will look in real conditions throughout the day. 


AR enhanced tourism encouraging exploration and awareness

Niantic back at it again with a bid to enhance world tourism by promoting sustainable and responsible tourism through their games. Through the use of Niantic’s real-world video games, the company will create a series of unique campaigns with the aim to encourage exploration and build awareness of destinations around the world. This will be part of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation’s Travel.Enjoy.Respect campaign, focusing on sustainable tourism. The game has not been released yet, but more information is to follow soon.



Election Day augmented

AR is continuously being incorporated in news, helping viewers understand situations or difficult subjects. Here seen at ABC News Election Day set, AR to visualise numbers and details of the ongoing results along with a custom-made 360 stage. A full year of work and an estimated 700 to 1000 hours of data testing, the result being well worth the effort.



Youtube in VR

The well anticipated Youtube VR app has recently been released for Oculus Go. It includes support for standard 2D videos as well as 360 and 3D 360 degree content. With Youtube themselves hosting a VR channel featuring a range of creators, you can put on your headset, lean back and relax while watching anything from a school of manta rays swim by to live theatre performance. Youtube in VR is also available on Stream for Vive, Rift and Windows VR headset.


Hope you enjoyed this share, feel free to share your thoughts below, both on the new information you are currently processing or on our blog in general!


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