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Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 30.11.2018
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What has AR taken on as of late? Guiding the blind, helping the homeless and helping you never take a wrong turn ever again. These to name a few, read on for more.



Empathy for the homeless with AR

A project called “In Someone Else’s Shoes”, has taken to AR to immerse viewers in the lives of those homeless that with full-time jobs still can’t afford to keep a roof over their heads. The brand calls it a “social impact initiative” wanting to change the perception of working homeless as well as raise money for permanent housing. The project has provided housing for over 200 people already.


The blind to navigate in AR with talking objects

The future for the blind might just lie in an AR headset. Thanks to spatialised sound, a sort of sound map is made of the environment, with every object having it’s own voice,  announcing its presence as you approach. The headset comes with different modes restricting if all objects or only those close announce their presence, for the user not be overwhelmed. Although it is still early days for said technology, implementing it in big spaces like corporate buildings or malls, might by the first application we will see.


Snapchat AR glasses out at the end of the year

This week, mere days after the departure of their vice president of content, Snapchat announced, along with all the other tech giants, that they had AR glasses in the making. The glasses will allow users to use Snap’s “AR lenses and create 3D-like photo effects from footage taken by the [glasses]”. Apple being a year or two away from their launch, these glasses selling for a price of 350, might already be out later this year.



AR navigation eliminating wrong turns

With emerging technologies, driving is becoming easier by every new advance. Latest in developments is the making of an app which goal is to facilitate navigation with smartphones. The app displays the driver’s real surrounding with an green path layered over the road with AR, helping the driver easily see when to turn. The app, driven by AI and spatial AR technology, is set to launch in mobile app stores mid-2019.


Funding for holographic AR displays

Digilens is a company creating proprietary nano materials and core technologies for transparent AR displays. Displays that have and will be used in industries like automobile, enterprise, consumer, avionics and military. The funding they have secured, from both Niantic and Mitsubushi, will help with eg. production, making the displays lighter as well as developing their seamlessness, bridging the gap to the real world.  



Hope you enjoyed this share, feel free to share your thoughts below, both on the new information you are currently processing or on our blog in general!


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