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Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 14.12.2018
Frida Gullichsen
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What has AR been up to this week? Advances in spatial computing and AR glasses, augmented Espace Rooms in your backyard and Tesla taking on AR to name a few.


Electric impulse tracking

Advances in spatial computing has lately seen examples of interacting with virtual spaces and objects through hand and finger movements. With the aim to change, or "refresh" how people act with computer, CTRL-labs have developed an armband that can track a user's finger movements using electrical impulses. This means being able to pick up even minor movements, the position of your hand as well as the pressure you apply on your finger tips. For AR the application might be a way away, since most interactions are through smartphones, and AR glasses would mean waving your hands in front of your face.



Tesla goes AR manufacturing

AR seems to steadily be finding it's palce in the automotive industry, with AR being used for both drivers and the manufacturers' enhancement. Tesla filed a patent this year that would bring efficiency and performance to employees on the assembly line. AR would be used aiding actual manufacturing as well as inspect the quality of assembled vehicles. With Tesla promising to produce 10 000 Model 3 cars per week during 2019, they might just need all the augmented help they can get.



AR Espace Room

Another expansion in the AR platform takes form in a location-based experience most of us are familiar with - the augmented escape room. A new smartphone app Scriptum transforms the real-world into a digital escape room and gives you 15 minutes to get back to reality. With most Escape Rooms fully booked, especially on weekends, for anyone interested this seems to be a close enough immersive alternative.


AR glass race continues

Another advance this week on the AR glass front with UK based startup WaveOptics securing funding. The funding is to be used to build a large supply chain and shrinking production costs, meaning they are heading for the masses. The goal of wanting to offer consumers the first low cost everyday AR glasses is a race that is still on, only a matter of time who makes it first to the finish line.


Future of all around AR

With AR technology moving forward at light speed, many of the news you read here are still at funding stage, or even only at a conceptual level. AR is taking over, and companies employing Sci-Fi writer's to predict the future, so let's give the future a thought with this short clip contemplating a future of all around AR.


Hope you enjoyed this share, feel free to share your thoughts below, both on the new information you are currently processing or on our blog in general!


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