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Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 21.12.2018
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What has AR been up to this week? The world's first AR/VR laptop is out and virtual galleries around, to name a few. Read on for more on the latest in AR.


Augmented pocket gallery

How to recreate the feeling of viewing a beautiful artwork without the physical work present? Stepping into a virtual gallery! Google has added a Pocket Gallery feature to its' Arts & Culture app, letting users visit a virtual gallery with famous works of art. First gallery features classic Vermeer paintings, including the Girl with the Pearl Earring, which you might have to fight groups of people to end up in front of real-life. Virtual galleries is no substitute for seeing things in the flesh, but they just might give you a better, potentially deeper, experience, taking your time viewing it while listening to an audio guide.



World's first AR/VR laptop

Learning is entering a new dimension with a laptop by Zspace, letting kids easily interact with augmented and virtual content. It comes with a set of specially designed glasses enabling depth perception and a stylus allowing the kids to pick up and interact with 3D objects in a natural way. You put on the glasses and 3D content emerges from the screen and then use the pen to interact with it. The laptop is aimed at kids and will be sold to schools, Zspace will also provide the educational content, available on their apps as well.



Audio AR glasses from Bose

A new week and a new update on the future of AR glasses comes from Bose and their audio AR spectacles. A pair of sunglasses with integrated speaker grilles. This means you would pick up surrounding sound, which might be a minus for some, but this would also mean you are aware of your surroundings. This would suitable for apps like learning or travel, or even gaming, content Bose is set to announce some time next year.


Niantic's huge social impact

Niantic, the AR company behind now-legendary Pokemon Go and their sci-fi game Ingress, have had quite the social impact the past year through social impact events, both for communities and charities. The games have led players through national parks, rivers and trails, cleaning up garbage along the way, over 6.8 tons of food collected was donated as well as 40 000 people coming out to support charities and their local communities. Social impact now having become a core part of Niantic as a company, we can expect to see more events, activities and partnerships with both local and global organizations that continue to support players and local communities next year as well. “Because when you do good locally, you do good for the world.”

niantic sociak


Feet-controlled VR

VR startup Brilliant Sole is showing off a shoe insole that reportedly functions as a VR controller, allowing for new locomotion schemes. The insoles contain two haptic motors for each foot, as well as internal sensors that the company claims track the foot’s force “at specific pressure points to allow users to walk in place or in whatever direction they want to go.” Brilliant Sole plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign for the device early next year. 



Hope you enjoyed this share, feel free to share your thoughts below, both on the new information you are currently processing or on our blog in general!


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