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Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 28.12.2018
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What has the augmented and the virtual been up to this week?  Haptic smelling will be here soon, but will AR glasses? Read on for more in our latest collection of weekly augmented news.


Niantic seeking AR developers

Niantic, much like Magic Leap, has set up rewards of up to 1 million for those developers to come up with and present innovative AR gaming and geospatial technology that use Niantic’s Real World Platform,. The platform is used for Multiplayer AR gaming and with the ability for AR content to appear in front of or disappear behind object in the real world, Niantic are seeking applicants that are excite about creating projects that boost exploration, exercise and real-world social interaction.



Haptic odours introduced to VR

A few months back we mentioned testing done to produce a sense of smell while immersed in VR. A concept is now very much a reality with Kickstarter campaign now collecting money for Feelreal, a scent generator that you attach to your VR headset. The add-on holds replaceable cartridges with individual aroma capsules, generating smells like rubber, gunpowder odour and other smells to simulate the atmosphere of games and movies. No date is yet set for it’s release, but immersive has just taken on a whole new level.


Testing the world’s first AR/VR laptop

Last week we mentioned the arrival of the world’s first AR/VR laptop, designed for kids to interact with augmented 3D objects in a natural way . The thought of kids sitting in classrooms interacting with 3D objects while rotating pens in the air might have felt like one of many new innovations in the starting pits, the laptop is very much alive and running, this being the first article reviewing its functionality. Verdict? It definitely lived up to its' expectations.

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When will AR glasses hit the masses

Running up to the end of the year, there has been many an AR glass revelation, with patents bought, models launched and tested and the tech giants racing to hit the masses first with their version. However, we should all bear in mind there are a few hurdles to be overcome before we get there. The masses would not wear something bulky or heavy for longer periods of time nor something that narrows their field of vision or make them slower while interacting with both augmented and real-world content. The price also being the most obvious one, we have an interesting year ahead seeing what advances are made to get those glasses on all of us. AR gear might not be ready for the consumer market, but stay tuned, soon enough we might just wonder what we all did without them.



Hope you enjoyed this share, feel free to share your thoughts below, both on the new information you are currently processing or on our blog in general!


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