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Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 8.2.2019
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So what's new in augmented reality this week? Hyper-realistic 3D food, next gen helmets and bad news for webAR among this week's scoop!


Apple might break webAR

On the horizon for what’s next in AR, the two big game changers are AR glasses and webAR. WebAR, which is supported by all browsers at this point but not that widespread in application, enables AR experiences directly through the browser, without passing through an app. Sounds like it would change a lot on the mobile AR scene. But with mobile AR depending on tracking motion and orientation of the phone, if a document published on Apple’s developer site is correct, the next update on Apple’s mobile operating can prevent this in Safari browser. This means the device’s accelerometer and gyroscope would need separate access through the phone’s settings, meaning many might opt out of in-browser AR content, since viewing it would require an extra step.

Apple has not yet commented on the matter, but optimists remain positive with workarounds already thought of, but one may wonder why Apple has but such a hindrance. At this point we can nothing more than guess, since Apple has not revealed a lot of their plans in AR.



AR motorcycle helmet

Next generation helmets are here and boy are they equipped. The Jarvish AR motorcycle features with front and rear cameras with AR display tech. The display connects to your smartphone via bluetooth and you can get all the notifications you would want while riding a motorcycle, from traffic jam alerts to weather warnings to GPS navigation. And to top it off all of this can be navigated with the help of voice commend. A Kickstarter has raised well over its target in only its first few days and the pre-ordered units are aimed to be shipped around August this year.


 Hyper-realistic 3D food

Choosing what to have when eating out is never easy when you only have a description of the food to go buy and often the food doesn’t quite live up to its description, at least visually. This is one of the things AR startup Kabaq might change, with their hyper-realistic 3D models of food, bringing items on food establishment menus to life. Kabaq uses a photo-based system that quickly captures the food and via their cloud server creates ultra-realistic 3D content and true-to-life presentation of the food.



Eerie AR experience

AR being only at the beginning of its journey, we have seen many a innovative AR application. Aside from the practical aspects, AR is an excellent tool in storytelling and for every film festival AR can be seen more and more, the latest headliner being interactive AR piece by RYOT that premiered at Sundance festival. The piece took viewers on an 12 minute ride inside a child’s bedroom, where reality becomes heavily blurred, just like our perception of the world we live in becomes in this digital age.


Hope you enjoyed this share, feel free to share your thoughts below, both on the new information you are currently processing or on our blog in general!


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