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    Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 30.3.2020
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    This week in immersive news brings us full body tracking, revolutionising smart swimwear, industrialised 3D scanning in tablets, immersive playdates and more!

    Full body tracking system provides multi-user immersive entertainment

    Tracker provider Antilatency and their 5-point tracking system is providing the base for multi-user location-based entertainment.

    The company demonstrated their tracking system, which uses a combo of optical tracking and infrared floor mats with sensors, with a ten-person Zumba routine. Each team member donned a VR headset and Antilatency’s tracking system, which includes a head tracker, two hand bracers and two shin tags. Each team member can be seen operating the body of their unique avatars in a demo environment built in Unity for the occasion.

    Their system will most definitely open the horizon for VR gaming, which does not yet have that many multi-user options. Their full-body tracking can be purchased on their website.

    Antilatency full-body tracking system

    Smart swimwear revolutionises training regiments

    Smart accessories have expanded into the field of sport with Vuzix latest invention - AR smart swimwear.

    Although not entirely the first of its kind, the device, revealed at CES 2020, is said to revolutionise training regiments for swimmers. The smart swim device can be attached to any goggles, and boasts both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, 9-axis motion sensors, GPS and compass and battery supporting at least 7 hours of continuous use. A full-color display shows you real-time data like lap time or total distance covered, and you can also download workouts and have your coach guide you through your training.

    If swimming feels like a drag, you can even stream your favourite videos with the Smart Swim’s built-in video player! For those swim fanatics interested in upgrading their training regimen, the Smart Swim AR device is yours for $499. 


    Immersive playdates connects separated loved ones

    In times of social distancing, many are not seeing friends and family, and missing out on time spent together, especially with the young ones in the family. Enter AR playdates.

    A team of undergraduate students at several US universities teamed up to create an augmented reality connected play platform, connecting loved ones separated by distance. By combining an array of existing technologies, such as live video streaming and depth sensors, AR Playdates positions the camera system on a flat play surface with fun and interactive backgrounds making playtime more than just sharing videos on the front-facing cameras.

    The researchers are hoping it would inspire a new direction in developing new toys and games.


    New scanning technology in Ipad PRO makes it a cutting-edge AR device

    Apple is calling their latest iPad Pro “the world’s best device for augmented reality”. The reason for this is the inclusion of LiDAR hardware, light detection and ranging technology which is usually found in commercial and industrial 3D scanning equipment.

    It creates a depth map by measuring how long it takes light to reach an object and reflect back, meaning it can 3D mesh an environment as well as an AR headset, possibly a future Apple one. The LiDAR scanner in the iPad Pro is said to operate on at “nano-second speeds”, measuring objects 5 meters away, both indoors and outside.

    Using the latest update to ARKit with a new Scene Geometry API, developers can harness the power of the new LiDAR Scanner and create scenarios that have previously not been possible.

    Apple iPad pro ARKit LiDAR

    Varjo adds green screen tech to XR-1 headset

    Varjo’s XR-1 Developer Edition headset has quickly become the most demand mixed reality product for professional users with its many enterprise features.

    The latest to be announced is chroma key - a green screen tech, that combined with real-time market tracking, means users can anchor any virtual object onto real objects using visual markers with pixel-perfect accuracy.

    This will make it easier for designers, architects, engineers or other professionals to both visualise and directly interact with the content and to mark elements that need to be replaced in a full-on immersive fashion — great feature expanding the capabilities of Varjo’s already stellar headset.

    Varjo XR chroma key

    Hope you enjoyed this share, feel free to share your thoughts below, both on the new information you are currently processing or on our blog in general!

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