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    Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 17.4.2020
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    Another week in immersive news takes a lighter tone highlighting news related to our current crisis. This week, reporting on news emerging in times of social distancing and remote work.

    Social distancing help with Snapchat lens

    To help encourage the public to practice social distancing and proper hygiene, Snap Inc. has teamed up with WHO for the release of a few lenses helping users do exactly this.

    The first of these lenses, My Social Distance, creates a virtual circle around the user, indicating the minimum safe distance recommended by WHO. If another person oversteps the circle, the circle changes colour from green to red indicating the wrong proximity. The second lens features colourful animations reminding the users to wash hands for at least 20 seconds, not touch their face and stay at home.

    Both of the lenses include links leading back to the official WHO website offering more tips on staying safe. Although regulations and safe distances are not the same across all countries, this is a great initiative promoting safe practices to Snapchat’s 218 million daily active users

    VR helps train retired healthcare workers

    During these times when hospitals are working at full capacity, any and all extra hands are needed, but hospitals are struggling to train staff to handle this crisis correctly. To help assist struggling hospitals in training staff, Oxford Medical Simulation  is offering their virtual reality medical training platform free-of-charge.

    The VR simulation training puts participants through patient care scenarios helping them diagnose using information through physical examinations. The simulation adapts according to the participant’s actions.

    Since allowing free access, the VR simulation has been adopted by 50 hospitals and 17 000 students and staff, helping bring retired healthcare workers back into service as well as fast-tracking students to help with the influx of patients.


    Virtual Ironman competitor loses race because of unplugged power cord

    In times of social distancing, sports events have turned into virtual competitions, one of them being the Ironman VR Pro Challenge women’s race.

    The competitors competed in three stages: a 5k run, a 90k bike ride and then a 21k run, all from the comfort of their home. The race could be completed in any order over the course of the weekend, but the bike portion was live-streamed on Facebook.

    Australian triathlete Mirinda Carfrae was set to reach the podium, when her boyfriend tripped over the power cord and knocked her off the leader board. An anecdote from the world of sports reminding us how things just might turn out living in close proximity in these extra-ordinary times.

    Virtual ironman bike

    Remote assistance AR and its choices

    During these times when many are working from home, video chatting has been booming. Yet for many, only discussing something face to face while working on a project is not enough and further assistance is needed when figuring out a problem. Enter remote assistance AR.

    Remote assistance AR is not only a live video, but the possibility to add drawings or virtual content to the live video feed. Now in times of remote working, enterprise solutions in remote assistance AR have become more essential than ever. There are already several options available, so finding the right solution for you might not be evident.

    Is a headset setup best for freeing up your hands or is smartphone a better solution? Are you looking to use live video or prefer if the call was recorded? This article takes you through the 15 best alternatives out there.

    Hope you enjoyed this share, feel free to share your thoughts below on what you've just read or comment on our blog in general!

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