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    Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 13.1.2020
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    This week in immersive tech we have Magic Leap showing their mixed reality fashion pop-up store, Nintendo exploring AR,  smart contact lenses hinting at a sci-fi future and VR tackling racial struggles with a cinematic experience.

    Nintendo to explore AR

    Nintendo has started exploring new options in the rapidly-growing AR scene. A statement from their president Shuntaro Furukawa states that the company is “very much interested in the prospect of augmented reality”.

    The company has already experimented with the tech back in 2011 with AR cards being introduced to the Nintendo 3DS, allowing users to interact with 3D models of characters and engage in AR-based mini-games. This occurring several years before Pokemon Go, the company was well ahead of its time, so a due return is in place.

    The company has invested in several mobile-based games as of late, so re-launching them with an AR functionality would not come as a surprise.

    Nintendo AR

    Magic Leap's virtual pop-up shop

    Online shopping easily creates frustration with sites lacking versatile viewing material, pictures and videos of items, and many sites are not always wholly optimised for smartphone shopping.

    Magic Leap is launching their new and improved headset for enterprises, Obsess. One of the companies helping develop their platform, is an app letting users create a virtual pop-up anywhere.

    It enables the user to create a tiny boutique space, setting up virtual shelves, life-sized mannequins, displays pedestals etc. for all kinds of projects. An easy-to-use app for high-end marketers without the cost of installing fixtures or transporting clothes.

    The future of pop-up shops? Combined with an existing try on platforms like Snapchat or Instagram, this might very well be.

    Magic Leap popupshopMagic Leap popupshop2

    Smart contact lens advance paves way for the future of AR

    Smart glasses are yet to catch on, but we eagerly observe the advances the smart eyewear industry makes. Meanwhile, smart contact lenses are also making advances. Wearable electronics are popping up in all shapes and forms, but current advances in the smart contact lenses could be lead to health monitoring or integrated displays for AR apps.

    The current advance made by researches in the Republic of Korea incorporates supercapacitors and wireless-charging components with printable ink that serves as the electrode and electrolyte. One day this could become a wearable electronic fitted into a contact lens that would be able to project information and images directly into the user’s field of view, as well as sample biomarkers in tears, making it possible to diagnose diseases like diabetes or glaucoma.

    There is still a way to go before this happens, since even the current advance does not work for more than a few minutes, but all advances pave the way for the future. We watch, and we wait.

    Smart contact lens

    Virtual reality fostering empathy through cinematic experience

    A cinematic, immersive experience called “Traveling While Black” made us of VR to give viewers a first-hand look into what black people in America have historically gone through while travelling, facing restriction of movement and encountering prejudice because of their skin colour.

    The viewer is transported to a landmark eatery in Washington DC, a so-called safe space for black motorists at the time, where they share intimate moments as patrons reflect on their experiences of the above.

    An excellent example of how immersive technology can allow the viewer to emotionally grasp a difficult issue. By viewing and feeling a situation different to one’s own first-hand, it can create an empathetic reaction to said plight.

    Traveling while black VR experience

    Hope you enjoyed this share, feel free to share your thoughts below, both on the new information you are currently processing or on our blog in general!

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