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    Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 27.1.2020
    Frida Gullichsen
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    This week in immersive news brings us BMW's augmented windshields, spatial audio patents from Apple, smart hearable tech and funding for an immersive healthcare learning platform!

    BMW goes AR with augmented windshield and interface

    Augmented reality is well on track being integrating into the automobile industry as smart cars take over, BMW being one brand following suit with their concept AR windshield and interface.

    Their system uses both voice, gesture and gaze control to interact with navigation and infotainment features. Dashboards and seats are in the system turned into interactive surfaces for more interaction. The system can also understand the difference of a gaze meant for the system and one for a fellow passenger.

    Although still a concept, similar features and concepts have been introduced earlier by other brands, AR displays are en route to being integrated into new cars in the years to come.

    BMW augmented windshield

    New Apple patent covers spatial audio

    In Apple patent news, the tech giant has been granted one covering audio signal processing for virtual acoustics. The sound of future Apple devices, as in AR headsets, smart glasses or MacBooks, would feature an audio processing system with one or more processors that process an audio signal split into three paths or more.

    This would mean giving the user the illusion of sound emitted from different parts of the space they reside in, enhancing movies, video games or even making it feel like being part of a sports event.

    Audio being an integral part of immersion in the digital world, this only bodes well for the future smart devices and Apple’s future tech alike.

    Apple virtual sound patent

    The expansion of audio AR

    For more in augmented ear news, smart wearables are becoming all the rage shaping or augmenting the audible world around us. There are many different ways sound is being optimised for us. Among these, we have smart noise cancellation that lets us choose which sound to hear, like a nearby conversation while muting others.

    Smart hearings aids can now use an app-based version to test and tune the sounds to your ear, even being able to help your ears focus on sound, just as your eyes focus on objects. Smart hearables can also be in the form of real-time language translation, letting you directly translate conversations into your ear. There are even hearables with biometric sensors, measuring your heart rate, just as a smart watch or band would.

    Bottom line? Listen for AR, don’t just look for it.

    Smart hearables augmented audio

    Health care pros trained with VR learning platform

    A California-based tech startup has raised 3.2 million in seed funding for an immersive learning platform, designed to help train health care professionals and family caregivers in empathy in an understanding of the ageing population.

    The platform uses VR to create an immersive experience into the body and mind of those challenged with lifespan ageing issues, like Alzheimer's, Parkinson’s, dementia or end-of-life decisions.

    A perfect example of immersive technology being used in the medical field to gain understanding and help build better care for those of age, which in many western countries will within a few decades be the majority of the population.

    Embodied Labs VR learning platform

    Hope you enjoyed this share, feel free to share your thoughts below, both on the new information you are currently processing or on our blog in general!

    Augmented regards,



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