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    Posted by Tommi Merelin on 18.4.2019
    Tommi Merelin
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    As in all marketing, content is king. The same naturally applies to AR. So why is it that most of the content we see are flying whales and meaningless, glued-on AR filters?

    I’m not saying that dinosaurs on your lawn or funny cat whisker filters shouldn’t exist, but AR can be so much more. If you have ever wondered how to augment your business, read on.


    The problem with AR is not the tech

    While the demos we all have seen have been visually striking, they tend to be quite one-dimensional. That is perfectly understandable when you are making a short show-off piece to demonstrate the possibilities of the technology. But there is a real benefit in using AR in your branding, marketing and communications efforts.

    Although the technology is already mature, the really good use cases are far and between. This is a classic chicken and egg -problem. Tech matures when you push it with use cases, but use cases cannot exist if users don’t know how to create them.

    With AR, your imagination being the only limit, it’s easy to lack confidence without knowing the boundaries.

    Why is AR the way to go?

    1. Tell a story

    If there were an easy answer to creating killer content, everyone would be doing it. Unfortunately, there are too many possibilities to give only one answer. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to, for example, making a movie. There are rules to follow and best practices to keep in mind which lead to an Oscar-winning production, but it’s still very easy to receive a Razzie instead.

    What is common with all movies and blockbuster campaigns, however, is a story. This is a no-brainer and heard a million times, but it is still undeniably true. Stories get your point across and what better way to tell a story, than a media with unparallel attention from the viewer.

    AR can get your customer’s attention for a long period of time. We have seen viewers spend several minutes with branded AR content. The average time spent with Facebook content is under two seconds. And when was the last time you involuntarily watched a two minute commercial?

    2. Go beyond the wow

    AR has a magnificent initial wow factor. While this is a great way to draw people into an experience, it is easy to rely only on novelty and forget to add value for the viewer.

    Modern media is already undergoing a paradigm shift away from hollowness and towards a deeper meaning. In an age where anyone can be a producer, photographer, filmmaker and journalist, it is often difficult to navigate through the noise and click-baits.

    When designing content for AR, you have the possibility to make a difference. By default, you have already gotten the attention and focus, so it’s possible to make a lasting impact. Make your statement and make it memorable. Don't be afraid to evoke emotions.

    3. Give value and easy follow-ups

    You can combine real-world with video, 3D, immersive sound and CTA’s. It’s simple and easy to visualize your products on top of real-life and get your customers to follow the path you have created.

    Create links to your online channels for one-click shopping. Carry life-sized models of virtual houses, planes, or whatever your product is with you on your sales pitches. Give interactive models of your entire catalogue to any customer, anytime, anywhere. Augment your business goals with virtual content. This is the easiest way to get started and understand all the real-life benefits AR can give to your business.

    You can also easily create simple Pokémon Go-style location-based games and treasure hunt campaigns. Add updateable digital content to any of your printed surfaces or product. And by the way, you don’t even need the surface anymore, as AR can be overlayed to the real world by using sensors found in your phone.

    There are multiple ways to get your customers engaged. As I said earlier, the most common obstacle is imagination – technology is already here.

    Get ahead

    Ar can give you the edge, whether you are in the B2C or B2B environment. Just keep in mind your goals, create the AR content to support your story, and the rest will follow. Here's a recap.

    1. Tell a story – You already got the attention, now deliver the content.

    2. Create a lasting impact – With a moment of full attention, you can tap into emotions like never before.

    3. Add CTA for immediate results – Get clients to follow through your desired funnel and continue the story.

    Next steps

    We shall be covering more on the topic in future posts, so please sign up for our newsletter so you won’t miss a thing!

    In the meanwhile, if you have any doubts on how to proceed, you can always contact us and our experienced storytellers. We can help you on getting started with just the right kind of content. The technology is already here and hopping on board with AR is easier than ever, so don’t wait any longer!

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