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    Extended reality for business - How to attract, engage, and impact?

    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 21.9.2021


    "What the fuck does that mean? 'Ang on, what does augmented reality mean, Sharon."

    Ozzy Osbourne


    That is the question to answer; what does augmented, and more broadly, extended reality mean for brands and businesses? Modern-day marketing faces many challenges. How to stand out from all the other messages consumers are bombarded with? How to keep the audience's attention when all they want is to scroll, swipe and skip? How to be the one people will remember at the end of the day?

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    Celebrating the Baltic Sea with extended and augmented reality

    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 26.8.2021

    The Baltic Sea Day is an annual celebration in honour of the sea, launched by the John Nurminen Foundation. 

    What better way to celebrate the Baltic Sea Day today on the 26th of August than putting together some examples of how extended and augmented reality can tell the story of our beloved sea? 

    No better way, I would say. So, here goes! 

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    How augmented reality can enhance the museum experience?

    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 18.5.2021

    Today is Museum Day. Museums play an essential part in educating people about the past to make a better future. Museums are also one of the many to take a hit from the pandemic.

    In honoring the history and looking towards the new, here is a collection of immersive museum experiences for you to appreciate the vital work museums do!

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    AR wearables to attach to your body for more immersive experiences

    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 4.5.2021

    Augmented reality (AR) enables us to utilize our surroundings better. We can visualize ideas that are difficult to understand and hear sounds that have drowned under all the noise. We can even smell, taste, and feel things that might not physically be near us.

    For the AR content to become genuinely immersive, we need to engage all of our senses. A virtual experience doesn't feel real if it only teases, for example, our vision. 

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    Make virtual business real - show&tell in Virtual Showroom

    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 27.4.2021

    The world has changed drastically in a short time. We are all familiar with virtual group meetings. Either everyone is shouting on top of each other to get their point through, or only one person is talking, and everyone else silently agrees. The outcome in both is the same - no one is actually paying attention.

    We see some light at the end of the pandemic tunnel and hopefully can meet face-to-face sometime soon. However, the pandemic and social distancing have taught us that not all meetings, presentations, and discussions need to happen face-to-face. Even if we can have physical meetings, we probably won't as often as we used to. 

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    State of AR glasses, smart glasses & wearables in 2021, part 1

    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 13.4.2021

    In the year 2020, we saw significant progress in AR wearables. 2021 has started strong as well.

    It is time to update our list of state of AR, MR, and smart glasses from last year. A lot is going on, and the future of eyewear looks bright!

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    Extended reality breaks the boundaries between technology and fine art

    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 18.3.2021

    Our world has become more connected than ever. The physical distancing has led to being more close virtually, but virtual connections often lack something.

    The emotional connection that physical encounters offer is difficult, probably impossible, to transform into virtual. But, with immersive technologies, virtual content can become an experience that delights and gives that new perspective.

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    Virtual Art Gallery - a virtual extension to your art gallery

    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 23.2.2021

    The year 2020 gave us all a lot to adapt to – new ways-of-working, connecting, and communicating. The shift from physical to digital accelerated, and we were thrown years into the future. But as huge Art fans, we found that something was missing from our lives – visiting art galleries and museums.

    Following is a brief on our new spin-off product, Virtual Art Gallery, designed for Art galleries to grab hold of the current momentum and leap into the future.

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    Auvola virtual space - tool for cities to differentiate and attract

    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 2.2.2021

    The pandemic has changed a lot in our lives: how we work, how we spend our free time, and how we communicate. People longing for a more peaceful place to live than big cities has become a global trend. On the other hand, bigger cities are appealing to many people, as they offer better services and other possibilities.

    Either way, when the house-shopping pants are on, how can people browse through the options when every city and town is on lockdown? We created a tool for that.

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    What is augmented reality?

    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 15.12.2020

    Augmented reality is a fantastic tool for engaging marketing and advertising. It's also a medium to immerse audiences to brand content. But, behind these great words, what is it all about? How can anyone experience it? How do you create it? What can it be used for?

     Read on, and we'll answer all your questions! And if not, you can always leave a comment or a question, and we'll dive into that.

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