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    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 30.3.2021
    Liisa Mathlin
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    In marketing and sales, it's always better to show than tell. The new decade began with an unusual situation, which requires unique and novel ways of showing. And telling.

    To improve the advertising sales, Alma Media designed a virtual showroom. The showroom displays and describes the digital content marketing solutions of Alma Media, one of Finland's leading media houses.


    Client Alma Media
    AR Production Arilyn


    As a part of our research of new WebAR-powered advertising solutions for media houses, Alma Media created a virtual showroom to showcase its digital marketing solutions. The showroom is run by WebAR and consists of two rooms: the first introducing the content marketing services at Alma Brand Studio, and the second one customer cases.

    Virtual showroom adds value to sales and marketing efforts

    In addition to presenting the products and services available, virtual showrooms are great for educational and entertainment purposes! Alma Brand Studio's virtual showroom exhibits its content marketing possibilities with pictures and videos, enhanced with short texts. But that's not all.

    The showroom also features a 3D model of the human brain and a green screen recording of Alma Media's Content Marketing Director Hanna Repo. She explains what the virtual showroom is all about. By clicking or tapping the brain, the visitors can learn about how content marketing affects the brain. In other words, how to create compelling content marketing.

    By adding these interactive elements to the showroom, Alma Media is engaging and connecting with its audience more than traditional digital advertising enables. The showroom is powered by WebAR, meaning that it is very accessible and shareable.

    Alma Media chose to create the virtual showroom because of the many possibilities it can be transformed into. The virtual showroom works as a visual article just as well as a marketing or sales presentation for any business.

    XR adds diversity in content marketing

    The main question for Alma Media was how to transform every aspect of the brand into a coherent whole that serves the users and is attractive.


    We are interested in different ways of storytelling, and the project offered a fantastic opportunity to pilot novel ways of creating content. We were provided insight into what virtual spaces can and can't do, what interactions should be considered, and to which things 3D adds value to in comparison of regular text articles. Arilyn's professionals guided our work well.

    I firmly believe that the ways of content creation and storytelling will become more versatile. Virtual and extended reality environments can turn content into an adventure and experience and enable displaying complicated things more understandably. I believe that XR will find its place alongside video, audio, text, and pictures because different kinds of content fit in different situations.

    - Hanna Repo, Alma Media's Content Marketing Director


    Visit Alma Media's virtual showroom here: https://webar.arilyn.com/alma.

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