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    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 29.7.2020
    Liisa Mathlin
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    Aqua d'Or wanted young urban adults and digital natives to engage with their brand. More specifically, with their limited-edition holiday season product Sparkles, flavoured sparkling water. A visible campaign to spar brand engagement was needed, so what better than to organize a competition in augmented reality!

    The brief "We want to immerse our young consumers in a limited-edition lottery for New Year of 2020", was agreed on. So we set out to create a unique lottery experience to reach maximum engagement in the beverage company's core audience.


    Client Aqua d'Or,  part of Danone Group
    Concept & Content Everland
    Content Marketing Untold Agency
    Packaging CCL Industries
    AR Production Arilyn

    The AR experience

    Arilyn created a white label app for Aqua d'Or. By scanning the bottle with the app, the etiquette of the bottle came to life. The AR content wrapped around the cylindrical surface of their special edition sparkling water bottle, following the user as they rotated it.

    The slot machine was found on the bottle, and the user could play it three times a day, and small prizes were given each day of the campaign. Also, by the end of the campaign, three lucky winners won a Soundboks 3 Bluetooth speaker.


    Campaign goals achieved, thanks to AR

    The campaign was a huge success, gaining a massive amount of positive feedback from the target group. The campaign success was enhanced with a promotional event, organized at the Copenhagen train station. In the event, consumers and their reactions were filmed, while interacting with the product. The videos were shared on social media. 

    By using augmented reality for brand engagement, Aqua d'Or was able to catch and keep the attention of its young consumers. All in all, brief accomplished!

    The campaign was executed with our partner in packaging, CCL, the world's largest label company.

    The campaign was re-created in spring 2020. This time the users could find AR content from all Aqua d'Or Sparkles water bottles, and the grand prize was an electric bicycle.

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