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    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 21.8.2020
    Liisa Mathlin
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    Summer is not over if there AR margaritas. And there are!

    Copy & paste margaritas, art preservation, and classic literature gamified, all possible with augmented reality! Read on to find out more.

    Developer copy & pastes real margaritas using AR technology

    Imagine being able to copy and paste your favorite foods and drinks from a picture into real life. A developer and "Technerdagist" at creative agency Red Pepper, Matt Reed, is making that possible. AR Copy Paste Margarita is an application inspired by a developer Cyril Diagne's project AR Copy Paste, published last March. 

    Copy & pasting a margarita starts with pointing a smartphone camera at a 2D image of the drink. The app then uses object recognition to identify and isolate the margarita, allowing drag-and-drop the digitized beverage over to a drink printer. The image is then layered over an empty glass, a webhook request is sent to the drink printer, and the drink comes out!

    In the future, Reed hopes to expand the app and accompanying printer to support various beverages instead of just margaritas. For example, you could scroll through your Instagram feed and print drinks posted by friends, family, or advertisers.

    Preserving the art of Black Lives Matter using AR

    An augmented reality exhibition presenting virtual art inspired by BLM street paintings is running at the Seattle Design Festival. The exhibition offers the audience a taste of Seattle's history, visible through smartphones. 

    Gargi Kadoo, one of the seven designers at GGLO behind the citywide gallery, said the exhibition is about celebrating art that is gone. The show was initially envisioned as a physical installation, but due to the COVID-19 was switched to a virtual form.

    The artworks can be viewed in Seattle with the AMP'UP SEATTLE app, available for free on AppStore and Google Play.


    Reality Writes: Classic literature, now augmented

    Adelphi University alumnae Fabliha Hossain and Victoria Grinthal have turned an interactive poetry project into its own augmented reality. The FAVEART project, an AR visual web application, creates a literary scavenger hunt by adding animated AR imagery to all sorts of historical content.

    Through FAVEART, educators, or pathmakers, can customize the path and text for each location. Students, or explorers, can follow the path on their laptop or mobile device, allowing them to physically view, explore, and absorb the material.

    "The application would give educators the ability to personalize texts based on various topics and place them on a physical' path,' built with either AR markers or geolocations," Grinthal tells.

    So, like Pokemon GO, but with literature!


    That's it for today's AR Weekly. See you next time. 

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