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    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 20.8.2021
    Liisa Mathlin
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    Have you always dreamed that you could censor a part of reality? You now can, with a new mobile app! Also, T-RExes and flying whales coming up next. 

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    Switchable waveguide from DigiLens claims to double the resolution of XR glasses

    DigiLens has announced its transparent resolution expander (T-REx for short). T-REx uses the 'wobulation' technique. It overlays two frames with a slight offset so that the pixels of one frame 'fill in' the spaces between the pixels in the next frame.

    The company claims the T-REx can double the resolution of any projector used in XR glasses. "For example, a projector with a 500 × 500 resolution could take an input frame of 1,000 × 1,000, split the frame into two sub frames -- and then display both frames back to back rapidly with a slight offset so the eye can merge them together into a single image with greater detail than the 500 × 500 resolution projector would," Road to VR writes.

    DigiLens says the waveguide can switch image positions as fast as 50µs, allowing it to "easily support full color RGB wobulation at 60Hz and even 90Hz." The company also states that T-REx switching is compatible with "all established projector types," including LCoS, micro-LED, DLP, OLED, LBS, and more. 


    Home of Art displays demolition Art and AR experiences

    Home of Art (Taiteen kotitalo) has been a phenomenon in Finland for a couple of years. It is a department building waiting for demolition in Kerava, Finland, invaded by a hundred artists in 2020.

    "Home of Art is a surprising experience park of Art, where you never know what is waiting around the next door. The exceptional environment has enabled us to create very experimental Art. The outcome of this creative freedom is quite unique to many visitors, I believe," said graffiti artist Jouni Väänänen, the project's creative director.

    The first exhibition in Home of Art opened to visitors in July 2020 and was renewed and updated in summer 2021.

    One of the pieces was enhanced with augmented reality viewable through the Arilyn app. The piece showed a painting of a whale created by Vesa Pasanen. When scanned with the Arilyn mobile app, a dreamy forest opens, and a group of whales start to swim around the viewer. The same virtual content launches from signs put up outside of the building for the people queueing to the exhibition to enjoy.

    Read more about the project here (in Finnish).


    You can now censor reality with a mobile app

    VoxelizeAR is a newly-released app that allows you to transform portions of the real world into 3D pixels—otherwise known as "voxels."

    The app scans the user's surroundings for flat surfaces. The user can then transform specific environment parts into 3D pixelations. The user can adjust the size of the brush. The app can even respond to color changes in real-time, allowing the user to voxelize moving objects.

    After voxelizing, the user can capture a photo or video of the scene to share with friends and family.

    iPhone Pro or iPhone 12 Pro MAX users can create even more detailed voxels using LiDAR technology. These additional sensors allow users to voxelize individual 3D objects in addition to just flat surfaces.

    "The app showcases a new technique I've been developing that lets you selectively -- transform arbitrary bits of the real world using augmented reality tech. These transformations persist even as you move around the world," states the developer on Reddit.

    VoxelizeAR is available for free on iOS devices.


    That's all for now, see you next time!

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