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    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 17.9.2021
    Liisa Mathlin
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    Augmented reality in space and a sneak peek into the future of eyewear!

    Astronauts onboard ISS take on AR to make essential repairs to the spacecraft, and Xiaomi teases smart classes. Read on!

    NASA astronauts seek augmented reality assistance to repair ISS

    Earth-based space specialists have difficulty fixing broken tools in the large space stations because they are not stationed there. 

    While they are the ones having the necessary information to repair the equipment and systems, the astronauts are the ones carrying out the work. To minimize communication latency, NASA is taking on augmented reality.

    NASA's tells on its blog about the T2 Augmented Reality (T2AR) experiment, which illustrates how station crew members may examine and repair research and exercise equipment. The T2AR employs Microsoft's HoloLens AR eyewear and NASA-developed software.

    This advancement in space technology is intended to provide astronauts with more effective instructions and assistance when making repairs in orbit. 

    T2AR is the first time Microsoft's HoloLens technology has been used in space using bespoke AR software. Several test missions are scheduled to be sent to the new ISS project to learn more about the safety and efficiency of employing AR software in space.

    Xiaomi teases smart glasses concept with MicroLED display & 5MP camera

    Chinese tech giant Xiaomi unveiled its first pair of smart glasses. The Xiaomi Smart Glasses glasses are a concept device - "an engineer's look into an advanced future." 

    Even without an actual product, when the world's largest smartphone manufacturer expresses interest, we'll probably hear a lot more about consumer smart glasses in the years to come.

    Xiaomi released a video showing off its concept. The smart eyewear includes a 5MP camera and speakers, a microLED display that provides information, such as notifications, turn-by-turn directions, and real-time text and photo translations.


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