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    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 3.12.2021
    Liisa Mathlin
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    Discover activities and locations sorted by themes on Snap Map, and Metaverse on wheels!

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    Snap rolled out "layers" feature on Snap Map

    250 million Snapchatters are using Snap Map to find people and places. Snap has now released a "layers" feature to its map, allowing users to sort the locations around them according to different themes.

    Layers will include content from partners in various verticals. For example, a Ticketmaster layer will highlight local events, while a layer from The Infatuation will signal trending food items. Snap is also getting the ball rolling with two layers at launch: "Memories" and "Explore", AR Insider writes.

    Users can toggle between available layers, including Snap'sSnap's own and its partners' layers. The layer selection is limited at this time, but the utility and use cases will broaden over time.

    AR Insider speculates Snap'sSnap's next move to be a Layers API that would let Snapchat scale up the creation of layers by crowdsourcing. The API approach would also let developers build their products into Snap Map, and businesses outside Snapchat reach the 250 million Snapchat users.


    WayRay designing AR-powered ride-share car for zoomers

    A holographic AR company WayRay has unveiled an all-electric ride-hailing vehicle, the Holograktor. The carpool vehicle of the future incorporates various AR components to offer passengers a next-gen commuting experience. The Holograktor is a concept EV vehicle.

    The car features a three-person layout: a throne-like backseat positioned directly between the driver and co-pilot seats. The driver can pilot the vehicle both manually and remotely. When in remote mode, the steering wheel and controls retract into the dashboard to accommodate additional passengers. Remote drivers will still require a proper driver's license to operate the vehicle.

    The car's roof houses a holographic system capable of projecting animated graphics on the front windshield. Using two seat-mounted joysticks, passengers can interact with various interactive AR experiences, from GPS directions to multiplayer videogames.

    "This is a car designed specifically for zoomers, it's for people who want to play and want to create and consume content," said WayRay founder Vitaly Ponomarev.


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