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    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 18.3.2022
    Liisa Mathlin
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    Are micro-LEDs the key opening the door to AR devices' mass adoption? If we believe Mojo Vision and Google, the answer is yes. 

    Mojo Vision has worked on these teeny-tiny displays for some time now, and Google is focusing on them, too.

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    Google may have found the tech to take AR smart glasses mainstream

    According to SlashGear, Google has acquired Raxium, a California-based start-up developing micro-LED display technology in AR and VR headset displays.

    Google's AR headset game has had its ups and downs, with Google Glass not taking off as expected and the company acquiring the smart glasses developer North.


    SlashGear writes, "It is conceivable that the Raxium acquisition could see its micro-LED technology integrated into North's smart glass designs, which would arguable make it much more readily acceptable to wear in public than the Google Glass headset."


    Read more on SlashGear.


    Micro-LEDs will help make the Metaverse a reality

    Mojo Vision has believed in micro-LED technology for a while already. The company started its work back in 2015, aiming to create the world's first smart contact lens with a built-in display that provides timely information without interrupting your focus.

    The company's SVP and GM Nikhil Balram said micro-LEDs will make the dream of the Metaverse a reality. Micro-LED displays will have the brightness required for digital content to meld perfectly with the real world and the energy efficiency and integration of compute and sensing to enable the all-day all-use AR glasses.


    "Imagine cutting the total power consumption of all displays in the world in half. Their (micro-LED's) unique size, brightness, efficiency and semiconductor DNA will enable old concepts from science fiction like transparent displays in our hand, on our desks and as our windows, light field tables for e-sports, games and architectural models, perfectly form-fitted auto-console displays, room-size holodecks that let us walk the Metaverse with nothing on our face and much more," said Balram.



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