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    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 25.3.2022
    Liisa Mathlin
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    Social media giants are on the loose! We can soon run 3D ads on Facebook and Instagram, and Snap has bought a brain-computer interface startup.

    Also, Sony partners with a drone manufacturer to enhance photogrammetry and digital twin technology.

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    Meta's partnership for 3D ads is a step toward the Metaverse

    Meta has staked its future on contributing to the building of the Metaverse through a new partnership with a 3D commerce technology company VNTANA.

    The integration will allow brands to upload the 3D models of their products to the social media platforms and easily convert them into ads, VNTANA said in a press release. The move is a stepping stone into advertising in the Metaverse.


    "In a way, this offers a glimpse of what you might expect on future devices like AR glasses," said Chris Barbour, director of AR partnerships at Meta's Reality Labs unit.


    Read more on Reuters.


    Snap buys brain-computer interface startup for future AR glasses

    Snap has acquired the Paris-based neurotech startup NextMind. NextMind is behind a headband that lets the wearer control aspects of a computer - like aiming a gun in a video game or unlocking their tablet's lock screen - with their thoughts.

    NextMind's headband uses sensors on the head to measure activity in the brain with the aid of machine learning. The headband itself will be discontinued, but the company's roughly 20 employees will remain in France and work for Snap Lab.

    Read more on The Verge.

    Sony to enhance photogrammetry and digital twins

    A US autonomous drone manufacturer Skyfish announced a partnership with electronics giant Sony to enhance photogrammetry and digital twin technology.

    In the partnership, Sony equips Skyfish drones with Alpha series mirrorless cameras, enabling them to capture precise photogrammetry data to create digital twins of an outdoor area or structure.

    According to Skyfish, the Alpha-ready drones can record digital twin data with vast accuracy within 1/32 of an inch. The data can be stored and shared via Skyfish's Skyportal, providing cloud storage for Internet of Things (IoT) data, including 3D assets.


    John Monti, Director of Industrial Camera Solutions at Sony Electronics, said, "With the integration of Sony Alpha cameras, the engineering-grade photogrammetry platform from Skyfish sets the market-tested standard for 3D modelling, inspection, measurement and analysis of critical infrastructure."


    Read more on XR Today.



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