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    Posted by Tommi Merelin on 15.3.2019
    Tommi Merelin
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    Arilyn has signed an agreement with Canadian label giant CCL, the world’s largest Labels & speciality packaging manufacturer. The cooperation means that CCL will develop, market and sell AR & VR Immersive Connected Packaging services, implemented with Arilyn’s technology.


    "We have invested heavily into Connected Packaging and new innovative technologies. In Arilyn, we have found a unique combination of a highly scalable & flexible software platform, together with a fantastic team of passionate experts."

    – Günther Birkner, President, CCL Labels

    Previously Arilyn has left an impression with its AR campaigns for customers like Arla, Nokia, and Helsingin Sanomat. For example, in Arla's campaign, Arilyn brought their milk cartons to life in an interactive digital game for kids.

    The CCL deal will elevate Arilyn content to a global level since the CCL’s customers include some of the world's largest fast-moving consumer brands in various segments, such as Food & Beverage, Home & Personal Care, Consumer Goods, Speciality, Pharma, Automotive and many others. On the domestic consumer goods market, Arilyn will continue its cooperation with its established customers as usual.

    As a result, Arilyn’s Technology and expertise will gain traction through the world’s biggest brands. People everywhere in the world will be a part of consumer experiences, unlocked directly from a physical product, through state-of-the-art Finnish AR & Mixed Reality technology.

    “CCL is a strategic partner for Arilyn since their customers include the world’s best brands, which usually also have the best stories. CCL is a perfect partner for us because they share our love of AR as a story-telling medium and know how to use it to offer breathtaking concepts to their customers.”

    – Emmi Jouslehto, CEO & Co-Founder, Arilyn

    Read the press release here.

    Also available in Finnish here.

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