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    Posted by Tommi Merelin on 18.6.2018
    Tommi Merelin
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    Classic paintings that are known and loved by everyone can often be taken for granted. Sometimes they need a lift to remind the audience why they indeed are iconic.

    Arilyn helped to expose the world beyond one of Finland's most iconic paintings. When scanned with the Arilyn app, the painting appeared around the user in a 360-degree panorama, providing a more colourful and involved experience.

    Client Finnish National Gallery Ateneum & Helsingin Sanomat
    Production Helsingin Sanomat & Arilyn

    A classic piece of art brought to life with augmented reality

    A classic piece of art by Finnish painter Akseli Gallen-Kallela, "Lemminkäinen’s Mother" (Lemminkäisen äiti), from the year 1897, was brought to life at the Finnish National Gallery Ateneum. The artwork and what lies beyond its frame opens around the viewer for an immersive atmosphere. Experiencing the art in augmented reality differs significantly from a traditional viewing of the art.

    In this added dimension, you can hear and see another world: children jumping to the water and playing on the beach on a sunny summer day, people enjoying their day in the sun, a dog doing his thing with hiding treasures to the sand, seagulls being seagulls and of course the sounds and sights of a Finnish summer day.

    Giving the audience information they will remember

    Also, the piece contains information about Helsingin Sanomat Teema magazine. Compelling storytelling with augmented reality makes it possible to add information to emotionally engaging content, which is an excellent way to reach the audience.

    Enhanced with positional audio, looking at different parts of the panorama exposes various soundscapes designed to enhance the painting and offers a new perspective on an old classic.

    Campaign credits

    Arilyn completed this 360° experience in partnership with Ateneum and Helsingin Sanomat. 


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