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    Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 23.7.2018
    Frida Gullichsen
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    One of Finland's leading newspapers, Helsingin Sanomat highlighted important social issues and quality journalism with a poster-based campaign, where words were turned into poster art. The artwork was enhanced with augmented reality.

    Client Helsingin Sanomat
    Agency TBWA\Helsinki
    Production Helsingin Sanomat & Arilyn
    Awards  INMA Global Media Awards - 2nd place - Best idea to encourage print readership or engagement

    As one of Finland's leading newspapers, Helsingin Sanomat asked 12 top artists, and IBM's "Watson" AI, to create posters of their most in-depth and high-quality articles. The only guideline given to the artists was that the work should be built utilising the iconic outline of the HS logo. The artists, and Watson, turned the millions of words of the articles into 13 pieces of art, enhanced with AR.

    The posters decorated the streets of Helsinki as urban outdoor exhibition. The artwork was also printed in the newspaper and displayed at various art exhibitions and public events. When scanned with Arilyn app the posters came to life, cycling seamlessly through the individual pieces of art and giving a deeper look into how the artists interpreted the themes.

    Augmented reality makes it possible for art pieces, such as these, to present to the viewer the inspiration and motivation behind the artwork, as well as displaying an entire gallery of work from a single starting point, right alongside the original art.

    In the result of this campaign, the number of Helsingin Sanomat subscribers grew for the first time in 25 years. The campaign reached over 11 million people, who loved the artwork, and many of them purchasing the posters presented.

    Campaign credits

    TBWA\Helsinki and Helsingin Sanomat created the concept, the individual artists made the artwork and Arilyn animated and produced the AR presentations.

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