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    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 17.11.2020
    Liisa Mathlin
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    The ongoing year has taught us many things in the sense of harnessing technology in keeping in contact with our near and dear. Now that the abnormal is the new normal, virtually connecting is crucial not only to every person but also to businesses.

    Social distancing creates new challenges for businesses, and overcoming them requires a fresh perspective and new ways of doing things.

    Social distancing: the challenges


    The problems social distancing has caused to businesses might be obvious. Customers won't wander around stores and shops; they buy only the necessities. The cash flow has decreased, and the vital interaction between companies and their audience is gone.

    When the interaction is missing, advancement and development can't happen. I know those might be things that are the least concerning in a global crisis. However, when it continues for another year or so, we need to look towards the future. The unusual situation asks for unusual actions.

    From the consumers' viewpoint, the shock of being in a state of emergency has passed, and room for other communications has opened. The crisis hasn't gone anywhere, but people are graving for safe interaction other than just checking up on the Covid news. 

    Overcoming the challenges

    So, how can a business create engaging interaction and connection while keeping its audience safe? You might have guessed it: with augmented reality!


    AR equips businesses to offer delighting interactions and possibilities to bond with their customers online. Experiences powered by augmented reality are safe and enjoyable: they allow the users to explore the immersive content at their own pace and space. 

    An opportunity for your audience to have an experience where their context is taken into account will make them feel heard and talked to - aka to create value. When people are listened to, you can better answer their demands and offer a better customer experience. This way, you can build a relationship that'll bring you the cash flow in the long run and flourish the growth of new ideas - aka to create growth.

    Your AR content could also have a more concrete outcome. It can be attached to a physical location, so your community's surroundings get a new perspective. It also gives more meaning to our mobile devices, as, at least for now, they are the tools for us to experience AR.

    Create shareable online experiences with AR

    AR experiences are easy to scale and share, and they reach. As a medium, it is much more engaging than many others. Perhaps more so than any other. In a study "Layered," conducted by Mindshare and Zappar in 2018, AR was found to activate the brain more than an experience without. So, an experience enhanced with AR is more likely to stay on top of the audience's mind. By utilizing AR in your messages, you will be remembered.


    Easy-to-share content and experiences are crucial today, and they will be in the future. 


    AR content supports people to share experiences in times when we can't physically get together. Especially with WebAR, browser-based AR, the experiences are super easy to share, and they are available to larger audiences. It's like sharing any content on the internet: just copy the link on your device's browser and share it on the platform of your choice.

    WebAR enables you to delight your audience, no matter what lockdown is befalling. It is an easy way to deliver content and experiences that your audience loves to consume. Whether it's a whole another virtual space, activation on a product packaging or leaflet, an extra layer of immersion on street art, it's a safe and secure way to connect.


    An AR experience ties people together while being personal and intimate to each user.


    Augmented reality helps to offer meaningful interactions in ways that no other channel or medium does. Of course, when meeting in person is off-limits. AR creates new meanings to objects and physical locations and lets people utilize their surroundings better than ever.

    Augmented reality is a way to connect - both physically and apart.

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