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    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 1.2.2022
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    For 170 years, World Expos have provided a platform to showcase the most significant innovations that have shaped the world we live in today. This year the Expo 2020 Dubai continues that tradition with the latest technology from around the globe.

    Finland is known for its trailblazing education system. Its attributes are now being presented with the latest technology and immersion in the World Expo.

    Phenomenal_learning_cropPhoto by: Marjo Somari, Education Finland's Senior specialist of International communications.


    Client Education Finland
    AR Production Arilyn


    Knowledge and expertise are the basis of welfare in Finland - citizens need equal learning opportunities to secure and improve their know-how. Education is free at all levels, from pre-primary to tertiary education.

    Education Finland took on AR to showcase the uniqueness of Finnish education and spread the gospel of life-long learning to the world.

    Learning is for life

    The core message is to show that Finnish education is all about life-long learning. The heart of education is rather how than what - how to ensure constant and consistent evolvement and improvement.

    The augmented reality experience guides the visitor through a timeline showing different stages of learning. Starting from pre-school education and continuing all the way to working life, and even after retirement - learning and development belong to all.

    The AR experience also showcases how the rest of the world can take advantage of the many possibilities Finnish education service providers offer. The visitor can select the themes that interest them the most and explore the solutions available for governmental operators, teachers, students, and visitors.

    After exploring, the visitor can take a quiz to see what they have learned.

    The augmented reality content was designed to be accessible to audiences globally, not only for physically attending the World Expo. The AR experience can be shared anywhere through a QR code - on Ducation Finland's website, emails, social media, and so on.

    Augmented reality also allows Education Finland's audience to explore the content safely with their own devices. AR lets us let go of the touchscreens that every passer-by gropes.

    Augmented reality helps in communicating complex messages in a simple way 

    Education Finland's goal was to present its expo content with a wow factor. Education Finland wanted to build an educational picture of Finland and showcase the offerings in an innovative and distinct way.


    "Our large ensemble has been transformed into a fantasticly invigorating whole. The contents are approachable with understandable copy and suitable imagery," Education Finland's Senior specialist of International communications, Marjo Somari, describes.


    Communicating complex matters is difficult, but adding an immersive layer can help a bunch. Augmented reality compels the content's consumer to participate and put thought into the message, making it more understandable and memorable.

    Gamification elements bring a more activating aspect to the content as well. When a person actively interacts with the content, it becomes more personal to them, and they are more likely to take action.


    "Throughout the project, we have felt like Arilyn's goal has been to create the best possible result, and not just taking the easiest way," Somari sums.


    Check the augmented reality experience by scanning the QR code below with your mobile device's camera.


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