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    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 15.10.2020
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    We rarely get an opportunity to explore the mysteries of ancient Egypt. Even more rarely, we can immerse ourselves in them. Today we can.

    Amos Rex is a museum where the past, the present, and the future meet. In 2020 the museum exhibited the foundation of our society: the glory of Egypt. A never-before-seen experience, a virtual ancient tomb, sends visitors off on a journey thousands of years back in time.


    Client Danske Bank
    Partner Amos Rex
    Production Arilyn

    Egypt of Glory – The Last Great Dynasties is an exhibition taking the visitors on a journey back in time thousands of years to the Egypt of pharaohs. The rich culture found in archaeological excavations is still present in our everyday lives: the 365-day calendar and its division into 12 months were already used in ancient Egypt. 

    Ancient Egyptians' groundbreaking innovations - annual cycle, worldview, religion, and state structure - travel into the present in an exhibition, where the past and the future blend together. The mix of yesterday and tomorrow is presented through the technology of today: AR.

    A virtual tomb shows the rituals of the past in the present

    In ancient Egypt, a tomb served two goals: a safe rest for the deceased and a place for their near and dear to perform rituals for a good afterlife. For these two purposes, the tombs were divided into a chapel on the ground and the chamber below. 

    In the exhibition and the AR experience within, visitors can experience them both firsthand. The chapel presents the wall paintings, the Ka-statue, and other ritualic pieces common to a chapel. The visitor can access the underground chamber through a false door. Inside the chamber, you can explore the coffin, among other burial relics. The virtual tomb is an exceptional experience, as the underground chamber was off-limits to people in ancient Egypt.

    The virtual tomb was a collaboration between Danske Bank, Amos Rex, and Arilyn, with egyptologist Mia Meri. The tomb is based on the real-life tomb of Paheri. The tomb is located in the ancient city of Nekhen, around the area of the present-day city of El Kab. 

    The enriching experience becomes available through the Arilyn app. Visitors of the museum could explore the tomb in the exhibition and anywhere outside of it.

    Explore the AR tomb from wherever, whenever:

    • Scan the image below with the Arilyn app, free to download from the App Store, Google Play and Huawei AppGallery.
    • Or check the menu from the lower right corner in the Arilyn app and launch the experience straight from there.

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    AR is an excellent tool in presenting historical items and telling their story. When the presentation is virtual, the visitors can safely explore the contents without fearing anything being destroyed. The visitors get a safe chance for cultural experiences in social distancing times or when the historical sight is hard or dangerous to reach. 

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