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    Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 11.10.2018
    Frida Gullichsen
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    Back again with the latest edition of getting to know Arilyn. This week, I will be asking the same serious and other not so serious questions to our new trainee Elli! 

    So who is Elli and what does she do at Arilyn?

    My name is Elli Maanpää and I’m a 2D artist trainee at Arilyn. I’m studying my final year of 2D animation at the Turku Arts Academy. My thesis will revolve around AR so that’s why I wanted to come work at Arilyn. I’m also professional illustrator and previously graduated as MA from Visual Culture at Aalto University. 

    What did you have for breakfast?

    I had coconut yogurt and chia seed pudding with berries, nuts and fruits. My boyfriend made the breakfast for me.

    Aww so sweet! And yummy! Anything you would rather have had?

    That is my favourite meal of the day. I could eat breakfast all day long.

    What about a favourite drink?

    I’m a fair believer in red wine.

    Favourite season?

    I love them all - except the gloomy slush season that is not Autumn anymore nor yet Winter.

    Yeah slush is not my favourite either. Or anybody's. You still like the rain though?

    The sound of rain is one the most relaxing things in the world. I don’t mind getting soaked either – as long as my feet don’t get wet or I’m able to change the wet socks to dry woollen ones right after.

    Ok now for some either ors. Chocolate or strawberry?

    I’d been described as strawberry milk, so let’s go with strawberry. Though, I’d never say no to chocolate.

    Dogs or cats?

    Cats! If I’d be given 5€ every time I drawn a cat, I’d be a millionaire. I’m also a proud guardian of my royal cat Mr. Cocco. But dogs are my jam too. 

    In the movie of your life, who would play you?

    Hmm… Maybe the pig that played Babe in the film Babe 1995. Or Ewan McGregor. He can play anything. The movie should be a surreal musical comedy. 

    Ok let's dig a bit deeper. What would be your single biggest career fail?

    Not to take more business classes at school. 

    What about best career advice?

    Never stop studying.

    And if you didn’t do what you do now, what would you be doing?

    I’d be painting cats in my studio.

    Any job you think you'd be terrible at?



    I'm afraid of dentists. Or going to the dentist. Scary stuff.

    Fair enough. Can't say I enjoy that either. What do you wish you knew more about?

    How to make passive income (while painting cats).

    Any great frustrations in life?

    My biggest frustration is that I’m constantly at crossroads. There is so many interesting possibilities in the world to choose from. Which way to go next?

    Do you have a hero?

    Tove Jansson for sure is one of my heroes. She was a multitalented artist. Reading stories about strong female artists and adventurers is always a great inspiration.

    She really was, and her partner Tuulikki as well. So talented and forward-thinking!  Any favourite band? 

    I cannot think of only one band. These days I’m mostly listening to mellow Jazz which calms me down and keeps me focused. But I do also enjoy deep singing voices and vocals with real storytelling.

    What about any unusual hobbies or interests you care to share with the group?

    Orienteering might not be so unusual but I do it without a compass. I learned orienteering as a kid and I never started using the compass. I believe in my pointy nose knows which way to go. I do get lost plenty of times. But that’s part of the fun.

    Alright now to finish off, please share with us a story from your childhood?

    I grew up with my parents and three older siblings in a big house in Turku. Our parent’s soil engineering firm was (and still is) downstairs. Since I was super extrovert as a kid I made friends with everyone at the office, from the people working there all through to the customers. I then of course invited all of them to my birthday parties which meant that there were sometimes as many as 60 guests at my birthdays. Luckily it’s in July so when it got crowded inside we moved the party to the yard. 

    Thank you Elli! Been a pleasure getting to know you. And please send our (mine and our avid readers') regards to Mr. Cocco!

    That was it for this episode of Faces of Arilyn, next week same questions, same setup for another lucky member of our team!

    Warm augmented regards,

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