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    Posted by Tommi Merelin on 15.1.2020
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    Getting to know Team Arilyn is back again with the latest edition of new talents, here in the form of Hilla Palojärvi, our 3D Artist Trainee. Hilla has been a part of our team for a few months already, so let's start the grilling.

    Hi Hilla, and welcome to the show! Please share with our avid readers, what your position is here at Arilyn and what that entails?

    I am a 3D graphics artist intern, and my job is to turn concepts into final products.

    What initially got you interested in our current field of work?

    I used to love woodworking and digital art in school which led me to mould two of my interests into one in a very natural way.

    What did you have for breakfast?

    I start my day with a cup of coffee at work.

    Sounds familiar... Best vacation you have been to?

    This summer actually. I had a really tight budget, and we had to figure out cheap options which led us to find rowing boats in the city area. I had such a blast rowing with my friends and family, we went rowing multiple times in two different locations.

    Some advertisement for the city of Helsinki there! Next question: What's your favourite meal?

    Mashed potatoes and meatballs from Ikea. Gin and tonic with a juniper garnish and raspberry gelatin cake as dessert.

    Meatballs and gin&tonic? Sounds like a perfect combo! What about animals? Dogs or cats?

    I have to go with dogs. Nothing is better than a happy dog, excited to see you after you've been gone.

    Favourite way to spend a weekend?

    Buying as much take away food as possible and eating it all at home, with wine on the side.

    What about your worklife? What would be your most significant career fail to date? We are not all perfect, you know.

    Hmm. I'd say believing that working in sales and at the same time studying 3D full time could fit together nicely. I was too exhausted to know when to stop, and took more work shifts during holidays, which drained the last drops of creativity out of me. All that time that I could have used to learn new things in the creative field, I used doing something that didn't improve the skills that I needed in the future. Time not well spent.

    Any career advice stemming from that?

    Know your limits, you learn either the hard way or the rational way. I went head first, and it didn't do much good even though I learned many valuable skills through customer service.

    So if you didn't do what you do now, what would you be doing?

    I would probably be studying web design or something related.

    Any job you think you would be really terrible at?

    Travelling representative, the long distance away from my family would be excruciating.

    Anything you wish you knew more about?

    Rendering techniques and making procedural materials.

    What about your great frustrations in life?

    What a weird combo of questions! The fact that learning takes time, a lot of time, and sometimes it feels like 24 hours is not enough time for one day. Also that you can't learn everything at once, because it takes time for your brain to make new connections and rest in between.

    Who you look up to or who inspires you? Who is your hero?

    I get inspired by small things like packaging design and well-thought out commercials. You rarely get to know who did those works, but I appreciate them every day. My secret heroes.

    Got a favourite band?

    Not really, but electronic music, disco and funk are types of music that are close to my heart.

    What about any hobbies or interests, you would like to share?

    I have tried a lot of different things, from football and martial arts to circus school. But I always had to quit because of moving from one place to another. Maybe I will start a new hobby when I graduate. Hit me up if you know something worth trying.

    Alright time to finish up this interview with a random story from your childhood!

    My grandma and I hiked up to a little village when we were travelling in Sicily. It was during the part of the day that everyone enjoys pennichella (an Italian siesta) and the only open place was a traditional clothing boutique. We asked the lady inside if she would know any places to eat, and she replied that she has her own restaurant and that she can make us something if we want to. She closed her shop for us and took us to her own small restaurant, and the food turned out to be the most delicious meal that I had in Sicily.

    What a lovely story! Thank you for sharing your intimate details with us.

    Thank you! This was fun!

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