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    Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 18.7.2018
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    Welcome back to our second edition getting to know the faces of Arilyn. This week we have the honour of getting to Jari Hirvikoski, one of our two current trainees! Jari interns as a 3D artist here at Arilyn, part of his studies in interactive media at TAMK, Tampere. He hopes his internship will not only give him the opportunity to learn some new skills in AR but also, coming from Tampere, help him get to know Helsinki both for work and living. Alright so new face, same questions, you know the drill - let's get grilling!

    Happy to have you at Arilyn, Jari! Now I'm curious, what did you have for breakfast?

    The usual two slices of bread and coffee. And anime, of course.

    But what would you rather have had?

    A giant hotel morning brunch! Although I would have to wake up earlier because otherwise I would be too stuffed to do anything for a couple hours...

    Favourite drink?

    COFFEE. I think it has already replaced all the blood in my body because I consume it so much.

    What about your favourite season?

    Summer. I used to prefer autumn, but I'm so done with the cold, windiness and darkness. Nowadays I just like to embrace the brightness and warmth (and half-nudity :D). I think I'm getting old.

    Do you like the rain?

    Yes... if I'm not in it. It's also a good reason stay indoors and pose moodily by the window - or just play video games.

    Chocolate or strawberry?

    Chocolate obviously, because strawberries can be so damn messy and I'll have to spend precious time to pluck those leafy parts away! Chocolate is just instant, and it fits into every occasion - although, not in toilet situations because of the association with some other, ahem, similarly coloured substances..

    Ok now a break from the light questions, let's dig a bit deeper, tell me, what do you feel is a significant career fail of yours?

    Well, before I returned to media industry couple years ago, I had this flawed idea that pursuing a career in a media field is a lost cause because the field can be quite unstable and there is not enough work for every willing media graduate. But over time I just figured out that it's all about your own motivation and how you market yourself to potential employers.

    What would then be your greatest career advice?

    Do something that motivates you. Work is a lot more enjoyable if you are eager to develop and challenge yourself without external nudging.

    If you didn't do what you do now, what would you be doing?

    I have always liked to do all sorts of handicrafts. If I didn't have to consider employment and other stuff I would probably be woodworker because I like wood as a material. It just feels so genuine during this digital era, and the smell contains so many memories from the past.

    Unusual hobbies or interests?

    My geeky background is actually quite vast. I do miniature painting, modelling (and occasionally teach it too) and wargaming, tabletop roleplaying, fantasy prop building, cos-playing and tailoring and volunteer event work, to name a few. It's rather troublesome to find time for them all.

    What job would you be terrible at?

    Telemarketer. I have tried it, and my personality isn't a match at all. I think I'm not aggressive and witty enough sales-wise (I have probably watched too many good-hearted Disney movies). I have witnessed the insincere side of that field, and it's so against my personal life values. I will never go there again.

    How about any great frustrations in life?

    I have few years of academic background in geography and environmental technology, and it has made me very conscious of environmental choices. So my answer is people who are ignorant of preserving our environment. I'm not a serious hippie, but I think it's important to consider making even small lifestyle changes because eventually, they will make a bigger difference if everybody did the same.

    True that and I wholeheartedly agree! Now for the loppu-kevennys of this interview, why don't you share with us a story from your childhood?

    I used to live in the countryside when I was young and once I was playing with my twin brother and another friend in a freshly ploughed crop. The field was very wet and muddy with some sort of white powdery fertiliser or repellent on top it.

    Of course to creative kids like us, it looked like a gigantic tray of chocolate mousse... delicious chocolate mousse you could eat... yup, that's right. Luckily I didn't eat, but my friend tasted a small portion of it, but nothing happened. Phew. Considering that there was probably poisonous fertiliser or repellent in it, it could have ended so badly.

    In the end, my shoe got just stuck in the mud, and I never knew what happened to it. Actually, young me thought I would completely sink into the mud when that happened - I was panicking like crazy.

    Haha, I know that feeling of panic, I have lost a shoe or two. But thank you so much Jari for partaking in this interview, was a blast!

    So there we go, one more intriguing person found behind the makings of Arilyn, stay tuned for next week when we get to know our second trainee, Johnny boy!

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