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    Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 25.7.2018
    Frida Gullichsen
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    Time for another episode of getting to know the faces of Arilyn! This week we are throwing our random batch of questions at Johnny Varila, our Content Trainee. Johnny joined us from Metropolia where he studies digital graphic design. At Arilyn he mostly creates 2D assets but also works on some concept development and 3D! 

    How has Arilyn treated you so far?

    I've enjoyed my time working at Arilyn. The people are all very nice and helpful, and even in this short training period, I've already got to work on multiple very interesting projects.

    Awesome to hear! Now let's get on with our very random batch of questions, chosen by our ace marketing team of course. Tell me, Johnny, what did you have for breakfast?

    Bread with cheese.

    But what would you rather have?

    Don't you mean "What would you rather have had?"

    For sure. And that would have had been?


    Favourite drink?


    What about your favourite season?


    Do you like the rain?

    It depends on what kind, when and where.

    True that, rain is very much a mood thing. Dogs or cats?

    Again, why not both?

    Yes indeed, they are both awesome! Ok so let's get some more out of you. Any great career fails so far?

    Triggering the office alarm on the third day of employment.

    Yes, I seem to remember this.. So you greatest career advice would be?

    Don't take it too seriously.

    Ok so in a movie of your life, who would play you?

    If such a thing was ever made then hopefully someone who hasn't been born yet.

    Good point. How about heroes of yours?

    I don't think I have one, idols and authority figures can be a bit dangerous. But Elon Musk and Jama Jurabaev are kinda cool guys.

    Anything you wish you knew more about?


    What about your greatest frustration?

    The inevitability of our certain and inescapable death.

    Favourite band?

    Porcupine Tree.

    Tell us a short story from your childhood.

    I once helped a butterfly that was flying against a closed window at an airport by palming it and bringing it outside. I was pretty happy for a while after that.

    Anything that you are grateful for at the moment?

    Free tea.

    Haha Johnny, thanks for answering all these questions, hope you enjoyed the sharing as much as I enjoyed the asking!

    Sharing is caring indeed. Next week we are firing the same questions at our Motion Specialist - Mats!

    Augmented regards,

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