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    Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 8.8.2018
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    Alright, we are back again with the faces of Arilyn. We will be asking some serious and other not so serious questions to get to know our own Linda Loukonen, better. Linda first joined Arilyn first a Trainee from Metropolia and is now a fully-fledged Junior Content Specialist!

    So, Linda, you are a Junior Content Specialist at Arilyn, yes?

    Yes, junior content specialist… but in short, a 3D artist. Maybe a 4D & 5D artist in the future, who knows! But yeah, mostly I do 3D stuff here and also 2D things.

    Alright, let's start with the basics, what did you have for breakfast?

    Coffee. It’s the only thing I need in the morning. It is also the first thing I do, otherwise, I’ll be so grumpy if I don’t get my morning coffee.

    Anything you would rather have had?

    Latte or cappuccino are always great choices.

    Favourite drink?

    Hmmh... I don’t know really. I don’t have an all-time favourite drink. I always like trying new drinks and periodically have favourite beverages. Right now what I’m loving is Kaffecentralen’s cappuccino.

    Kaffecentralens are the best, so creamy! What about your favourite season of the year?

    I think every season have something special on it. Winter’s sunny days are beautiful and summer nights are the best. But right now I miss autumn… This summer is a little bit too hot for me.

    Do you like the rain?

    I love rain. I like walking in the rain because there are no other people around and it’s quiet. It’s calming somehow.

    Chocolate or strawberry?

    Both. but I love chocolate a little bit more than strawberry. I don’t care about candy but chocolate is the only thing I eat. I'd say chocolate is my bad habit

    Dogs or cats?

    I have two cats, but I also love dogs. So I say both because animals are the best!

    Favourite band?

    I always say that I have a very wide taste in music. It’s difficult choosing one favourite band. So I’ll pick a category: electro swing and my favourite band from that category would be Caravan Palace. I like listening to them when I’m trying to focus on my work. It’s a very interesting genre. They mix the new and the old.

    In the movie of your life, who would play you?

    Interesting question.. Movie of my life? That would be terribly boring! But my movie could be 2D or 3D movie and my character… I don’t know. Hard question!

    Ok now let's dig a bit deeper, any big career fail?

    Well... During my summer job, I was carrying a big and VERY expensive table. People asked if I needed help and I said I don’t. And of course, a couple of seconds later I dropped it, and it broke. It felt like a crime scene because I didn’t know if I should hide it or disappear. But this time I asked for help, and we fixed it. The victim was resuscitated!

    Best career advice?

    Think before you act. This works for me because I have a bad habit of doing before I think. And later I have to fix things because I didn’t think.

    So think before carrying expensive tables, solid advice! And if you didn’t do what you do now, what would you be doing?

    Maybe sound designer stuff. It’s so fascinating when sound people make cool sounds from exciting/weird objects. For example, Lord Of the Ring’s walking tree sound was made from cow noises mixed with other sounds. How cool is that!
    Or my second choice is an astronaut.

    Ok cool choices, working with what fascinates you! But then what job would you be terrible at?

    Anything related to medicine. Being responsible for other people’s lives/fates… I’m bad even at keeping myself healthy. But okay... The real reason is my mother, my sister, my aunt and granny are nurses and my whole life I have heard so many stories from their work, stories that haunt me. It's still an amazing job and people do amazing work, but it’s not for me.

    Anything you wish you knew more about?

    I want to know so many things! I want to know more about space, history etc.. but sadly, I have a terrible memory. When I learn something cool, I’ll forget about it next year. Then I’ll try to learn it again. Life is not going to be boring because I have to keep learning things because I keep forgetting them.

    Any great frustrations in life?

    Yep.. I have many. Environment, people, living etc… but right now I’m struggling to find fans for my hot apartment. Sometimes small problems feel like big problems.

    Thank you Linda for letting everybody get to know you a bit better!

    That was it for this episode of Getting to know Arilyn, next week same questions, same setup for Topi, our second Junior Content Specialist!

    Warm augmented regards,

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