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    Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 10.1.2019
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    No we have not run out of staff members, because here we are back once again, with the latest edition of getting to know Arilyn. This week, we will be asking our new Sales Manager, Mika, the same serious and other not so serious questions. Welcome to the team Mika!

    Hiya Mika! Please share with our readers who you are and what you do at Arilyn.

    So I'm Mika Lind, I'm a Sales Manager here at Arilyn. I help companies find awesome ways to implement AR in their business.

    Alright let's get to know you, Mika! Tell us, what did you have for breakfast?

    Ham and Cheese Ciabatta. My go-to brekkie.

    Yum! Anything you would rather have had?

    Hmm, good question. Fresh baked Focaccia with something awesome on the side.

    What about a favourite drink?

    Pepsi Max.

    And a favourite season?

    Late spring - summer. I love when it's bright outside.

    Love it too, although it is very bright out in the Finnish summer. What about rain, do you enjoy it?

    I like it in moderation. Constant rain - no. But summer rains are nice, they help me sleep.

    Now which one, Chocolate or strawberry?

    Chocolate, no contest.

    Dogs or cats?

    Cats. Cats are cool.

    In the movie of your life, who would play you?

    I'd definitely be the narrator. And I'd pull my best possible Morgan Freeman impression too.

    Narrating your own life while doing a Morgan Freeman impression, not bad! What about in work, what would be your biggest career fail?

    Wasting years in a field that didn't really interest me, just because I was under the impression there would be a lot of work.

    Any career advice stemming from that?

    Find your passion, money will follow.

    So if you didn’t do what you do now, what would you be doing?

    Studying engineering, mainly robotics.

    Cool! Any job you think you would be terrible at?

    Anything mundane and repetitive. Like if I had to do the exact same thing day after day, no thanks.

    I agree! Anything you wish you knew more about?

    The list is too long, basically everything. Just from the top of my mind: thermodynamics, robotics, space rockets, engines, physics, AI, mathematics, engineering, chemistry.

    What about your great frustrations in life?

    That I'm not rich enough to buy a jet ski!

    Nothing you can't pay with instalments these days, go for it man! What about a hero, or someone who inspires you?

    Sherlock Holmes and Elon Musk. Both brilliant, but slightly crazy.

    Got a favourite band?

    Black Sabbath. First concert I ever was on as a 12 year old in 1999. Already at the age of 9 I was listening to their Vinyl albums for hours (my dad's collection).

    What about any unusual hobbies or interests, you would like to share?

    Well, difficult to say what is unusual and what is not. I am a project guy. I like to tinker with robots, cars, motorbikes, and boats.

    Alright time to finish up this interview with a story from you childhood!

    When I was a kid I was very much into singing. Whenever we learned new songs in kindergarten or later in school, I would continue singing them for days. Especially in my dad's car. I'm surprised how long he let me go on doing that, considering it was not even close to note.

    I'm sure that was more cute than anything else, haha! Thank you Mika for sharing with the group, I'm sure our avid readers will be thrilled getting to read about our new team member!

    That was it for this episode of Faces of Arilyn, tune in next time with the same setup for another lucky member of our team!

    Warm augmented regards,

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