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    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 14.12.2021
    Liisa Mathlin
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    Does pineapple belong to pizza? Yes, say Grandiosa's fans.

    Grandiosa is Finnish homes' go-to-choice for Pizza Fridays. The classic pizza maker now reaches out to its audience with a pizza designed by the fans - and an augmented reality gig.



    Client Grandiosa Finland
    Agency LM Someco
    AR Production Arilyn


    Launched at the beginning of October 2021, Grandiosa added a new flavour to its pizza selection. Grandiosa's fans developed the new pizza, including pepperoni, blue cheese, ham, and - yes - pineapple. To make this pizza truly for the fans, the company offers a little something extra popping out from the pizza packaging.

    Songs for the fans, inspired by the fans

    Kalevauva.fi is a duo that has become a phenomenon during the last few years in Finland. The band collects lyrics to its songs from internet forums and plays them accompanied with guitar and banjo. Now the band has teamed up with Grandiosa to delight the Grandiosa pizza buyers.

    By scanning the QR code on the pizza packaging with a mobile device's camera, the band pops out of the box and starts performing.


    "The AR performance was built upon new Fan Pizza slogans created by our fans. It feels fantastic to display them in such an incredible way," Grandiosa's Marketing Manager at Orkla Finland Mari Johtela says.


    Grandiosa is a chill, cheerful, and bold brand that stays interesting and relevant through decades. The company delivers alluring, fresh and interactive promotions that gain attention - the Fan Pizza campaign is an excellent example.


    "The AR content within the campaign is something different, it's a fun and surprising element of entertainment that adds value to the pizza buyers. It fits so well with the Grandiosa Extra Fan Pizza because the Extra series pizzas' are extra with their fillings, and the AR experience brings a little extra to the packaging,"  Johtela describes.

    Tapping the untapped potential of augmented reality

    Johtela believes that augmented reality helps to strengthen the bond between the brand and its audience.


    "Grandiosa Extra Fan Pizza's AR content supports Grandiosa's brand image in the right way. It increases the audience's interest and commitment towards our brand even further."


    The agency collaborating in Grandiosa and Kalevauva.fi's campaign is LM Someco. The company is one of the trailblazing companies to have leashed AR's potential in marketing and brand experiences.


    "Even though augmented reality has become more common through face filters, it still holds lots of potential for marketing and brand experiences," LM Someco's Creative Director Nazzareno "Reno" Sifo wonders.


    Offering innovative digital marketing solutions is crucial to LM Someco, and utilizing new technologies is an essential part of its toolbox.


    "Arilyn's browser-based AR technology fits perfectly to our campaign. It doesn't require any app downloads or installs, improving conversions," Sifo describes.


    How the Grandiosa Extra Fan Pizza came to be? Watch the video below (in Finnish):


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