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    Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 9.5.2019
    Frida Gullichsen
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    Attendees want unique and memorable experiences and augmented reality has become a powerful tool for event planners to engage visitors and enrich their experience.

    During the past years, 2018 in particular, we have seen everything from trade shows to music concerts making use of AR to make events just that much more memorable. The question is no longer if brands will find a way to incorporate AR into their events seamlessly, but how.
    We have collected four concrete examples of using AR in events. All campaigns were made with our AR publishing platform, Arilyn Manager, by Arilyn's in-house production team. 



    Huawei's "Who is Huawei" event was aimed at exhibiting the company's past, present and future to the international press. The event featured an immersive AR gallery portraying the company's history. The event also featured an augmented reality photo wall for making a lasting impression as a takeaway.

    Augmented Reality was employed to enhance all aspects of the guests' experience - rather than being a brief moment in an otherwise ordinary event.


    At the interior design trade fair Habitare, AR was used to place 3D models of Artek furniture in and around the space, letting visitors see what they look like in a real environment. The Swedish furniture manufacturer IKEA has done a similar AR product placement.

    This is quite a simple way of showcasing multiple products in a limited space, and even bringing your whole product catalogue with you to every event!

    Jussi Gala

    The invitation for Finland's major movie awards featured a statue making it possible for every attendee to scan the program brochure and pride themselves in a Jussi statuette of their own.

    Engaging attendees with virtual content at a sit-down event, or other prolonged activities, keeps them engaged while encouraging sharing content on social media.



    Outokumpu, the Finnish steel giant, made their German trade show stand a one to remember. 

    Engaging potential consumers or even buyers, grabbing their attention is not always cheap or easy, especially standing out at trade shows. AR can help check both of these boxes.

    Further ideas on how event planners can implement the use of AR in their events:

    • Increase attendee engagement
    • Eliminate pain points
    • Facilitate navigation
    • Showcase products
    • Leave an impression

    Both AR, as well as VR, can change the way we discuss, attend and interact at events. There is endless potential for new capabilities that can enhance attendee experiences. Event organisers have new tools and mediums at their disposal to create truly novel experiences that attendees are sure not to forget in the first place.

    With the help of AR, event organisers can design experiences that can aid attendees in engaging with one another, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors more effectively. 

    Want to create AR for your events? Still have other questions? Well, luckily we at Arilyn are experts in AR (if you couldn't tell already) so do not hesitate to contact us at any point, sign up for our newsletter or just have a nosy around our website.

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