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    Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 28.5.2018
    Frida Gullichsen
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    Aamu the cat dreams of being a cow. Aamu lives in a milk carton and leaps from the milk carton onto the breakfast table to interact with the user and to be adored. Over the course of several days, Aamu develops from a small kitten to a fully-grown cat and learns new tricks on the way - even how to moo!

    Client Arla
    Agency Isobar Finland
    Production Boutique Animation & Arilyn

    Nordic dairy giant, Arla launched their first Augmented Reality campaign with Arilyn. The case is an example of narrative brand storytelling taken to the next level by creating an emotional bond between product and consumer. With the AR experience beginning from milk cartons, users could interact with a 3D cat, adding value to an otherwise generic product category. The campaign was a huge success and loved by the consumers. Aamu the cat will continue to live on with additional AR content and more interactivity.

    Isobar Finland created the campaign concept, complete with a compelling and engaging story. Boutique Animation developed the character, assets and animations. Arilyn technology enabled the campaign with interactivity and evolution of the character over time.

    Topics: Case study Consumer goods Packaging


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