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    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 23.6.2020
    Liisa Mathlin
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    Remote sales have reached an essential role in many businesses during social distancing. But how can you present your outstanding products without meeting face-to-face? With an augmented product catalogue.

    Lappset is the leading outdoor equipment manufacturing company in the world, offering fantastic solutions for playgrounds, outdoor sports, and park furniture. With multiple product categories and tailored services, a modern tool for presenting the possibilities was needed. Lappset already had 3D models of their playground products, so we were to transform them into AR and add them to the catalogue. 

    Add 3D models to your brochure from ARILYN on Vimeo.

    Client Lappset
    AR Production Arilyn

    The catalogue shows the playground products Lappset is offering as any other catalogue would. But, when scanning the product pictures with the Arilyn app, an augmented presentation pops up. 

    On the screen, you can watch a video presenting the product. You can also tap the View 3D model -button and a life-sized 3D model of the playground equipment appears on your screen. Now, you can place the product on the real site, and see how it fits and how much space it needs.

    Re-think the playground - and remote sales!

    Lappset is the pioneer in playground and outdoor sports equipment. With 50 years of experience in making outdoor activities hooking and fun, the company is also making room for new kinds of sales routines. 

    The AR catalogue is vital when talking about remote sales and product presentations during times when travelling and meeting in person is restricted. And even after life returns to normal, AR-enhanced brochures make a significant difference in sales as we know it, saving time and money.


    With the AR catalogue, you can place the play products or sports equipment into real space and see your vision come to life before purchasing.

    How about preparing yourself for the future and getting to know the ultimate sales tool of tomorrow?

    Book a free consultation with us and start your journey to augmented sales today!

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