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    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 9.2.2021
    Liisa Mathlin
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    Citycon, a leading owner, manager, and developer of mixed-use centers for urban living in the Nordics, is building a new and improved shopping center Lippulaiva in Espoonlahti, Espoo, Finland. Lippulaiva will serve various daily needs - everything from everyday shopping to housing, daycare, and public transport.

    Besides making running everyday errands easier, Citycon is also committed to sustainability. Lippulaiva has opened a virtual showroom to bring the ideology and the still-in-construction shopping center closer to future visitors.


    Client CityconLippulaiva
    AR Production Arilyn


    The objective was to reveal to future visitors how the finished Lippulaiva will appear and tell them about all of the services planned inside and around. Instead of just describing all the great stuff coming together and scheduled to open in spring 2022, the shopping centre decided to show them in a virtual showroom powered by WebAR.


    "This is the first time in Finland that augmented reality is used in presenting such a large commercial building to consumers. We wanted to offer a unique possibility for our customers to visit the completed Lippulaiva before it actually is," states Mari Laaksonen, Commercial Director of Citycon Finland, in a press release.


    The virtual showroom displays the features of Lippulaiva - 100 stores, 8 apartment buildings, a metro station, and a bus station, to name a few.

    The showroom also features a 3D model of the completed centre and its surroundings. The visitors can walk around the model and even see the buses and metros arriving and leaving. 

    The virtual space's visitors can also travel to the future. By clicking a concept picture on one wall, the visitors can transport themselves into Lippulaiva. In a 360 image, the visitors can easily picture themselves meeting with friends or going jewellery shopping with their significant other.


    WebAR makes green values and sustainability visible

    In addition to visualizing the future shopping centre, Lippulaiva wanted to show its green values and sustainable actions. Otherwise invisible but essential recycling systems and renewable energy sources play a big part inside the WebAR experience. 

    The 3D model shows the electric and heating systems, and their operations are further explained on one wall of the virtual space. WebAR enables the shopping centre to make its message closer and more understandable to the customers.


    Take a tour in the future - visit Lippulaiva:

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