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    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 8.7.2020
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    Kari Hietalahti and Tommi Korpela are known for their work in the field of acting. For the past years, they have been focusing on their dear hobby: fishing. In the spring of 2020, they published a book about fly fishing.

    In their nonfiction book Perhokalastuksen jäljillä (Incredible fly fishing with Tommi and Hissu), Hietalahti and Korpela dive into the world of fly fishing with the help of augmented reality.

    Incredible flyfishing with Tommi and Hissu x Arilyn from ARILYN on Vimeo.

    Client Tammi
    AR Production Arilyn

    Hietalahti and Korpela didn't want to compose another purely technical guidebook about fishing but to make one in an entertaining and engaging approach. The objective of adding AR into their nonfictional book was to give the readers a wholesome experience.

    "In this book, we are returning to those questions we had when we first got into fly fishing ten years ago and were too afraid to ask. For the reader's luck, we won't be asking these questions from each other, but from the masters of fly fishing," Hietalahti and Korpela tell.

    The masters of fly fishing include, for example, a fishing instructor Antti Guttorm, a spokesperson of fishing Jasper Pääkkönen, and rewarded pike fly fishers Pasi Taponen and Markus Tandefelt.

    The AR content allows the readers to explore the book unusually - it is way easier to learn to make knots from video content than from plain text. The text, the videos, and the engaging stories are tied together and support each other smoothly.

    The AR content becomes visible through the Arilyn app.

    The creative director of Arilyn, Otso Kähönen, thinks AR will play an essential part in nonfiction and guide literature. Augmented reality content will strengthen the status of books and answer the ever-growing wants and needs of the audience.

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