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3 Takeaways from Simon Sinek's ”Start With Why” to utilize in your next AR campaign

Posted by Tommi Merelin on 30.9.2019

Simon Sinek's first TEDx talk from 2009 is the 3rd most-watched TED talk of all time, clocking at well over 46 million views at the moment. If you haven't watched it already, please do so now. The speech is well worth the twenty minutes.

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Augmented Easter Egg breaks records

Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 19.6.2019

When the candy brand Panda decided to use AR for the launch of their chocolate eggs, the augmented chocolate surprise egg ended up taking Easter by storm with almost half a million scans in just a few weeks.

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Topics: Case study, Consumer goods, AR marketing

A recipe for success in AR marketing – 1 part curiosity and 2 parts empathy

Posted by Tommi Merelin on 6.6.2019

Remember the last time a marketing campaign stuck to you? Then answer this simple question: Was it because the visuals were outstanding, or the product and its features so amazing that you still can remember them? Or was it the fact that the campaign somehow moved you from the inside? Out of these two, I can almost guarantee it was the latter. It might have been a great story where you really empathized with the characters or a campaign that resonated with a greater cause.

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3 simple tips to rock your AR content

Posted by Tommi Merelin on 18.4.2019

As in all marketing, content is king. The same naturally applies to AR. So why is it that most of the content we see are flying whales and meaningless, glued-on AR filters? I’m not saying that dinosaurs on your lawn or funny cat whisker filters shouldn’t exist, but AR can be so much more. If you have ever wondered how to augment your business, read on.

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The world of Twin Peaks in Augmented Reality

Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 19.2.2019

Arilyn invites you to walk through the red velvet curtains into the Red Room and see the world change around you. This is our tribute to David Lynch, his work and the world he created in Twin Peaks.

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AR enhanced Huawei event

Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 7.11.2018

Arilyn was chosen to bring Augmented Reality to Huawei's “Who is Huawei” event. The event was aimed at exhibiting the company's past, present and future to the international press. Arilyn was featured heavily in all aspects of the event, beginning with the initial invitation, sent to 80 specially-selected journalists.

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Captain's log – Arilyn Wonder Women Augmenting Singapore Slush

Posted by Katri Kantoniemi on 25.9.2018

Team Arilyn, wonder women Emmi and Katri, travelled the globe to showcase augmented reality and Arilyn to the visitors at Slush Singapore. The adventure was full of hot encounters and furry surprises. Read on!

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Pop star Sanni in AR enhanced comic

Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 11.9.2018

In an August number of Aku Ankka, the Finnish equivalent to Donald Duck, a story featuring a cartoon look-alike of Finnish superstar Sanni was revealed. The story also featured augmented panels hiding a real life Sanni and a competition to win tickets to her upcoming Arena show.

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Greenpeace uses AR to save the Great Northern Forests

Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 6.8.2018

This summer Greenpeace launched a campaign to save the Great Northern Forests and their importance to us and our climate change fate. The trees and soils of the Northern Forests are the single largest carbon store on Earth’s land surface, and not as renewable as the forest industry lets consumers believe.

Greenpeace decided to use augmented reality to globally raise awareness for the Great Northern Forests and their trees.

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Topics: Case study, AR marketing, AR Technology

Urban Helsinki stories come to life

Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 30.7.2018

A city is more than its buildings and parks. A city is its people and their history.

City Stories are true stories, told on location, enhanced by AR to give you all the nuances of the setting, both visual and auditive. A stroll around Helsinki has never been more immersive and exciting.

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