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    The mountain can finally come to Mohammad, thanks to virtual spaces

    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 9.6.2021

    Showrooms, fair booths, and event marketing are great ways to connect with potential clients. You get a chance to explain your offerings, and your audience can ask questions right there and then.

    However, keeping them up and rolling is a lot of work. Setting up, making sure the brochures, pens, and candy are in place, there's plenty to give away, and cleaning things up afterward takes a while.

    In this digital era we live in, one might wonder why there is no option just as engaging but not as high-maintenance. Wonder no more, as virtual spaces are here!

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    Make virtual business real - show&tell in Virtual Showroom

    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 27.4.2021

    The world has changed drastically in a short time. We are all familiar with virtual group meetings. Either everyone is shouting on top of each other to get their point through, or only one person is talking, and everyone else silently agrees. The outcome in both is the same - no one is actually paying attention.

    We see some light at the end of the pandemic tunnel and hopefully can meet face-to-face sometime soon. However, the pandemic and social distancing have taught us that not all meetings, presentations, and discussions need to happen face-to-face. Even if we can have physical meetings, we probably won't as often as we used to. 

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    A new form of display ads arises - Sanoma x Vepsäläinen AR ad

    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 23.3.2021

    WebAR advertising is coming in hard. It has opened new, much-needed possibilities for advertisers and marketers to interact with their customers, as physical locations have closed and encounters have decreased.

    WebAR enables a new form of advertising: people can see the offerings in their environment before purchasing, just with a push of a button. Or click on a screen, to be more precise. Finnish media house Sanoma teamed up with a furniture company Vepsäläinen to test out this new advertising form.

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    AR Weekly | February 12 | 2021

    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 12.2.2021

    Augmented reality continues to reach and engage. It presents a new way for musicians and artists to connect with their fans and enables collaboration in 3D projects remotely. 

    Check out how Super Bowl was a win for AR, the new form of music videos, and how AR improves remote collaboration via conference platforms.

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    Auvola virtual space - tool for cities to differentiate and attract

    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 2.2.2021

    The pandemic has changed a lot in our lives: how we work, how we spend our free time, and how we communicate. People longing for a more peaceful place to live than big cities has become a global trend. On the other hand, bigger cities are appealing to many people, as they offer better services and other possibilities.

    Either way, when the house-shopping pants are on, how can people browse through the options when every city and town is on lockdown? We created a tool for that.

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    What is augmented reality?

    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 15.12.2020

    Augmented reality is a fantastic tool for engaging marketing and advertising. It's also a medium to immerse audiences to brand content. But, behind these great words, what is it all about? How can anyone experience it? How do you create it? What can it be used for?

     Read on, and we'll answer all your questions! And if not, you can always leave a comment or a question, and we'll dive into that.

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    Democratizing augmented reality - unleash your creativity

    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 8.12.2020

    In a discussion regarding the Metaverse in the X Reality Day webcast, held in November 2020, something stuck with me. Fifty years ago, making videos was expensive, timely, and demanding. Today, anyone can (and everyone does) run a vlog on Youtube. Similarly, as with video production, the tools for AR creation need to match with the mass's know-how for the technology to become a norm.

    An average Joe's platform is needed for marketers and advertisers to have equal access to make AR experiences. No coding, no further understanding of the technology itself. Just easy and fun content creation.

    You don't need or even want to know how the image algorithms work in Photoshop, so why should you know the technologies inside an AR platform?

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    How to create augmented reality? 6 tips to rock your AR content.

    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 1.12.2020

    While content is king, augmented reality must then be the emperor, as emperors are generally recognized as having a higher honor and rank than kings. With AR, you’ll be able to offer your audience value those other rulers can’t.

    You might be wondering how to get started with augmented reality and how to create that value? If so, this is the article just for you.

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    Why is augmented reality the ultimate medium during social distancing?

    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 17.11.2020

    The ongoing year has taught us many things in the sense of harnessing technology in keeping contact with our near and dear. Now that the abnormal is the new normal, virtually connecting is crucial not only to every person but also to businesses.

    Social distancing creates new challenges to businesses, and overcoming them requires a fresh perspective and new ways of doing things.

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    Create growth with AR marketing

    Posted by Liisa Mathlin on 29.10.2020

    The 4th industrial revolution is happening right now. Our smartphones and computers now understand the concept of space. Welcome to spatial computing. We now have a brand new way to utilize the digital content we marketers create every day to match with our surroundings. We can create wholesome experiences, where the physical and the digital seamlessly meet. 

    Augmented reality will fill the world with virtual content. As shown by the development of gigantic companies like Facebook and Apple, the future is not far away, as the future is already here. Now is an excellent time to evaluate why AR is such an essential part of marketing and advertising today, and even more so in the future.

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