Weekly AR ⎪ Dec 14 ⎪ 2018

Classic movie scenes in augmented city tour

Weekly AR ⎪Dec 7 ⎪2018

Weekly AR ⎪Nov 30 ⎪2018

Weekly AR ⎪Nov 23 ⎪2018

Weekly AR ⎪Nov 16 ⎪2018

Weekly AR ⎪Nov 9 ⎪2018

AR enhanced Huawei event

Weekly AR ⎪Nov 2 ⎪2018

Weekly AR ⎪Oct 26⎪2018

Weekly AR ⎪Oct 19⎪2018

Get to know Arilyn – Emmi – CEO

Weekly AR ⎪Oct 12⎪2018

Get to know Arilyn – Elli – 2D Artist Trainee

Weekly AR ⎪Oct 5⎪2018

Get to know Arilyn – Kasimir – Creative Producer

Weekly AR ⎪Aug 27⎪2018

Captain's log – Arilyn Wonder Women Augmenting Singapore Slush

Weekly AR ⎪Aug 21⎪2018

Get to know Arilyn – Frida – Marketing

Weekly AR ⎪Aug 14 ⎪2018

Get to know Arilyn – Jenni – 3D Artist Trainee

Pop star Sanni in AR enhanced comic

Weekly AR ⎪September 10 ⎪2018

Weekly AR ⎪Aug 31 ⎪2018

Football in a milk carton

Weekly AR ⎪Aug 24 ⎪2018

Get to know Arilyn – Katri – Business Development Director

AR gave new life to famous frescoes

Weekly AR ⎪Aug 17 ⎪2018

Get to know Arilyn – Topi – Junior Content Specialist

Helsingin Sanomat highlights refugee crisis with AR

Weekly AR ⎪Aug 10 ⎪2018

Get to know Arilyn – Linda – Junior Content Specialist

Greenpeace uses AR to save the Great Northern Forests

Weekly AR ⎪Aug 3 ⎪2018

Get to know Arilyn – Motion Designer Mats

Urban Helsinki stories come to life

Weekly AR ⎪July 27 ⎪2018

Get to know Arilyn – Johnny – Content Trainee

Augmented journalism

Weekly AR ⎪July 20 ⎪2018

Get to know Arilyn – Jari – 3D Trainee

Weekly AR ⎪July 12 ⎪2018

Movie promotion with Augmented Reality

Weekly AR

Hologram boosted milk sales

Get to know Arilyn – CMO Tommi

Art beyond the frame

Huawei retail experience

Augmented Reality Christmas adventure

Kitten in a milk carton

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