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    Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 11.10.2019
    Frida Gullichsen
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    To us all Europeans, the Eurovision song contest has been something to look forward and to cheer on every spring. In the last few years, the contest has been losing interest among the young audience. So, how to engage the young audience back to this continent-wide concept?
    A great example of utilizing a unique advertising space, the milk carton, in partnership with Estonian milk company Tere, highlighting the contestants of the annual song competition Eesti Laul - the Estonian tryouts for the Eurovision song contest.

    Client Tere Piim & Eesti Laul
    Agency Age McCann
    Production Criffin Co & Arilyn

    What to do when the audience is losing interest in your product? Add augmented reality to it!

    Tere launched the campaign as a way to inspire young milk drinkers in Estonia. "Many young adults don’t drink milk - and they don’t listen to their parents - but they do listen to music." Thus the solution was to bring music to the milk carton. The songs of Eesti Laul, the competition where Estonia’s Eurovision Song Contest contestant is chosen, was a perfect opportunity for promoting milk consumption.

    AR bringing product closer to the audience

    The etiquette of the milk cartons could be scanned with Arilyn app, and each week leading up to the final, different contestants would leap from within the product and perform 30 sec mini hologram concerts for the viewer. The user could navigate between contestants simply by tapping the interactive buttons.

    But did it work? Why yes, it certainly did. The milk carton was scanned close to 20 000 times and sales were up 34% during the campaign. And last but by no means least, the Eurovision got a new nickname: Terevision.  

    Campaign credits

    Age McCann ran the campaign, Criffin processed the video material and Arilyn produced and published the campaign in AR.

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