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    Posted by Frida Gullichsen on 19.2.2019
    Frida Gullichsen
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    Arilyn invites you to walk through the red velvet curtains into the Red Room and see the world change around you. This is our tribute to David Lynch, his work and the world he created in Twin Peaks.

    Project Twin Peaks Red Room
    Production Arilyn
    Music Gasthaus Orkesteri

    “I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange.”

    - Dale Cooper

    Enriching a story with augmented reality

    Arilyn has long strived to provide tools for storytellers, using AR as a tool to enrich and continue a story. In this project, we created a virtual 3D space inspired by the famous TV series Twin Peaks that would allow you to step into another world and marvel at its wonders.

    As told by Arilyn creative director Otso Kähönen: "The work of David Lynch has always been a source of inspiration for me. Twin Peaks series was what ignited my interest in movies and led me to study film sound design. I was always fascinated by the thought of stepping into the realm of Twin Peaks. With the help of AR, I finally found a way to do so.

    This project was created as an AR gate - a virtual gate you can walk through and experience an alternate reality. I can hardly contain myself thinking about the future of using AR for narrative storytelling may bring."

    Campaign credits

    Arilyn's 3D designer Linda Loukonen designed the world's content, and this project also functioned as her final project at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Because music was such an essential part of experiencing Twin Peaks as a whole, the wonderful Helsinki-based group Gasthaus Orkesteri composed and produced the music for this project.

    We wish for nothing more than this video to one day reach Mr Lynch himself, so for anyone who may cross paths with him in the near or not-so-near future, feel free to invite him to step into the Mysterious Red Room through Augmented Reality!

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